SWGE On-Site Hotel Reservations Released

If you have an onsite hotel reservation for DLR from May 31-June 23, check your email! We got an email today with our specified reservation date and time (4 hours).

Also listed on the email were all registered hotel guests & our check-in/check-out dates and confirmation # for our hotel reservation. The dates listed for our check-in/check-out dates were shifted forward a day but the confirmation # & hotel guests were all correct. They gave a number to call if any details were incorrect so I am about to call it to confirm if that impacts our SWGE reservation. So far on Lines Chat I’ve seen one other person report that their check-in/check-out dates were incorrectly listed & that the time they were assigned is on their check-in time prior to their arrival to DLR so if you have one, be sure to check your details!

I’ll report back once I get through the likely very long hold to talk to someone about this.

For those without reservations but interested in the details: there were a bunch of conditions/callouts including:

  • Only one reservation for your party for your entire stay- you do not have a reservation for every day.
  • You will be required to leave GE at the end of your reservation. If you leave before your reservation time ends, you will not be able to reenter.
  • Valid theme park admission for Disneyland required.
  • Your GE reservation is linked to your hotel reservation. If you cancel the hotel reservation, the GE reservation will be cancelled as well.
  • Modifications to your GE reservation are subject to availability.
  • Each guest who is 3 and older needs to be named on a reservation to enter. Younger children will not be listed and will be granted entrance with your confirmed party.
  • Void if transferred or sold & have no cash value. Unused reservations are forfeit & will not be replaced.
  • Subject to change without notice. Access may be restricted/unavailable depending on guest demand & other factors. Rise of the Resistance will open later in 2019. Fastpass and MaxPass are unavailable for attractions in GE.

Also, the email leads with “details on how to redeem your SWGE reservation will be emailed to you the day before check-in.”


Got the email with our reservation time today. The email lists the wrong check-in and check-out dates for Grand Californian, and the GE reservation is for before we check into the hotel – before we even arrive in Anaheim! The email says we are checking in a day before our actual reservation. What a massive screwup by Disney. I called the hotel reservation line and they said this has happened to many people but the hotel still has the correct reservation dates in its system - the dates in the Galaxy’s Edge email are erroneous. Really hope they fix this - I can’t get through on the phone to the Galaxy’s Edge reservation number in the email.


Same, I’ve heard several reports now on chat that everyone’s check-in/check-out dates are wrong & haven’t been able to get through yet. Our reservation is on our arrival day but we’ll be driving & always plan to arrive early that day anyway so we can still make it. I just want to make sure our time doesn’t get bumped a day bc I really like the day/time we got initially.

Best of luck getting yours modified!!

I received my SWGE reservations this morning, and my dates were also screwed up. Fortunately, my reservation time still works for us. But I was on hold for over an hour to confirm, and then my call failed. I decided to try the hotel number just to ensure my hotel reservations were still OK and am on hold again. If anyone gets through before me, let me know! I’ll probably abandon the effort soon - I’m at work and have to focus on earning the money I’m giving to Disney. :smile:

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Still on hold here, but I looked on another discussion forum and a few people got through with the same issues. Here’s what they are saying:

Post: I got through!!! Everyone is correct – glitch in the reservation system sent to the folks at Disney sending out the reservations for SWGE. It has the date of arrival 1 day early. Disney is aware and is fixing this. The gal I talked to recommended waiting a day or two and calling back (number at the bottom of your reservation). She assured me that waiting a day will not endanger your reservation. Disney will resend the reservation once the screw up is fixed.

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Another post: I just got an answer after being on hold for about 70 minutes. The cast member that answered was very polite. She said several guests have called for the same reason as me. The Star Wars reservation email has the incorrect arrival date. She verified my correct hotel reservation information and said to just shift one day. My May 30 reservation is incorrect. Galaxy’s Edge will not be open on May 30. So my corrected GE reservation is May 31, 11am-3pm. She said I will be getting another email with the correct GE reservation information.

Well thanks for reporting back & going to the trenches to get through the phone lines! I really, really, really, really, really hope we don’t get bumped back a day bc I really like our reservation as it is. But if they sent out a whole day’s worth of May 30th reservations that aren’t valid that’s no bueno. I am wondering how they let this happen with such an anticipated event as this??? Of all the things they could make a mistake on… LOL.

I’ll keep trying on the GE # but so far only a busy signal for me too.

Hi Loraine! Same issues here, have our arrival date as Thursday instead of Friday, but gave us the first reservation period 8-12 on Friday. Guessing we really have Saturday 8-12. Jules is blocked that day so hoping to get that changed to Friday sometime. I have been on hold for over an hour, took me several tries to get anything other than a busy signal.

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Wow what a screw up! I am living vicariously through you all for the opening. Cannot wait to hear the reports! For today I am #jealousnotjealous :grin:


I am with @heathernoel! I am excited to live vicariously through all of you, but glad I will not be in the thick of all of this!


So between Twitter & Lines chat it seems that the general consensus is that all reservations that got sent out initially are all a day early & that the actual reservation in the system is for a day later than the email states and that a new email will be sent out within 24 hours with the correct information.

Yes, I finally got through and our SW GE reservation is actually Saturday 6/1, not 5/31. They are unable to change it to 5/31, can only move it to Sunday which isn’t helpful. But Thursday night availability is surprisingly good for the onsite hotels (despite them being “sold out” a few weeks ago), so we are booked on Thursday night too in case that gets us in on Friday.

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How frustrating! Maybe since it’s so early on & not many have gotten through, no availability has opened up for 5/31 yet? At any case, we can all try for the May 2nd reservations & if they are better, then there’s that! :wink: And in our case, we would probably cancel our on-site stay if we were able to score a better (or even similar time) to get into SWGE.

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I am not so sure that I necessarily will want to be in the thick of it on the actual day of (especially w/ a 2 yr old :sweat_smile:) but I just get so hyped up hearing about it & therefore am having some serious FOMO not having the reservation. But I could also “let it go” if we decide that it’s just not in the cards for us.

((Although we have asked my hubby’s sister if she’d be interested in tagging along with us that weekend to watch the 2 yr old for a few hours while we do GE & then the rest of the trip she could be solo which she has been dreaming of doing for awhile now)).

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True and that works well if you can make them for multiple people at one time. Not sure how that will work, have to wait until 8am that day to know the details :roll_eyes:.

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Yep, so much unknown & then with all the fabulousness of Disney IT even when they try to make an official statement, it all goes haywire like it did today!

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Just received my updated email with correct hotel dates. My reservation time is 24 hours later than the original email. I’m relieved because it’s now 8 a.m. -noon on June 1 rather than May 31 which is much better. I’ve read about people planning to camp out on May 30 for the opening, and I would rather not be part of that mess! I guess it still might be happening the night of May 31, but I think my odds are better.

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I also just received an updated email moving my GE reservation back 24 hours. Glad they fixed this so quickly, but I about had a heart attack this morning when I got the first email with the incorrect dates in it!

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Ours was a day off too. I was a little panicked at first because we would be on an airplane at the time of the reservation, but all is well. It seems like the reservations are to get into SWGE, I’m hoping that means we are able to decide when to ride smugglers run and when to walk around. I know they boys really wan to ride SR more than once, but they also want to check out all of the shops. We are going on the 3rd, so I will obsessively be reading all of your tips while we travel.