SWGE Merch

When I was at Batu I got all of the kyber crystals except yellow. It was silly I should have gotten them all. I will get the yellow when I get there in January. Any idea what the stock has been like on the yellow ones?

What is your favorite merchandise that you got on Batu?

I was going to say our Porgs, but thinking about it, we have:

  • One from the MK arcades
  • One from Tatooine Traders
  • One from a department store

So I’ll say our Porg mug from Oga’s instead :rofl:

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I haven’t heard of shortages of kyber crystals in a while, and when they were having shortages, it was primarily the black ones that were hard to find.

I got my kids little stuffed toys - Porg, Rey, and Chewbacca - and they LOVED them. I got my wife some of Han’s dice to hang from the rear view mirror - very reasonable price of only $14.99!

I like my holocron but it’s just for show mostly.

Everything in the land is gorgeously crafted! It’s hard to go wrong.