SWGE in afternoon?

Visiting Disneyland for two days June 27-28. Would like to hit Star Wars land if possible. No existing touring plans has it, so did customized plan. It has us doing Millenium Falcon in afternoon (with a 90 min wait), which seems crazy. I would think it would be better to get there first thing. Thoughts?

I would watch the MFSR line on the two or three days before you arrive (i.e., after reservation period ends). I doubt the software has much to go on right now. The line may end up being manageable due to high capacity. Or maybe it will be so popular that the lines will be FoP level long throughout the day.

One difference compared to other headliner attractions is that it is so far from the park entrance, it is likely to absorb folks almost as quickly as they can walk to it. That could mean that the line will be shortest 30-40 minutes after opening once the rope drop crowd gets through.

As a default, I would plan to go to SR in the morning but adjust your plan once you have more data points from a non-reservation crowd.

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Very solid advice. I think that no plans exist with it yet because there is no data for what a free-for-all access to GE will do to the line. Definitely stalk the app from June 24th-Jun 26th to get some kind of a sense of where it would work best for your trip. May the force be with you!

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