SWGE: Exit back to back onto Grand Ave, or only to TSL

Does anyone know if people in SWGE will be allowed to exit onto Grand Ave, or only through TSL? Have a FPP reservation for Muppets immediately following, would be nice to not have to walk 10 minutes out of the way.

I imagine it will depend on when you are visiting. I would assume this would be the case until the dust settles - after New Year’s Day.

Do you know if TPs reflect that walking from SR to SDD will be much faster then walking from SDD to SR? They don’t seem to at this point.

Thank you for asking this - I’m doing our DHS TP’s now and I wasn’t sure how to plan exiting and entering SWGE. Our plan is to RD SWGE on EMH then proceed to TSL around 7/7:30 am in October.

They may also be taking into account / predicting large crowds you may have to navigate through, not an empty street.