SWGE Construction Photos

I haven’t been posting a lot of construction update photos lately mostly because there really weren’t huge differences from one set to another. The ones in the below link, however, seem to be taken at a slightly lower altitude and show some details of recognizable structures.

There’s clearly a lot of work to do in the remaining 8-9 months leading up to the rumored Oct/Nov opening.


Hadn’t seen an actual month it is supposed to open

I just read that the latest rumor (at least for the Disneyland version) is that they won’t actually announce an opening date at all. They plan to just, one day, “be open”. This is to avoid the mad-house rush they otherwise would expect. So, you might show up one day and suddenly it is open. I guess this is based on something Bob Iger hinted at.

Who knows. And I wonder if they will do the same thing at WDW or not. Seems like a wise idea, actually.

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They would also have increased attendance all throughout the fall as people wanting to be there for the opening day will show up just in case today’s the day.

This is probably the best idea for opening any new area or attraction at DW. Then do promotions after it opens.

Disney can’t lose this way. They won’t have people complaining demanding money back if they don’t open on time and people will start coming in the fall hoping to be lucky.

Loving the ‘just be opened’ idea!! Genius!

Interesting…so no fast passes in advance? or do you just keep checking every day to see if they are available

:frowning: so CLs will be nutso the time I have planned - oh well - TPs to the rescue

It is doubtful they will have those rides available via FPP initially anyhow.

oh okay; that does make sense

Why no FPP initially?

They might. No one knows. But the general consensus I’ve been seeing is that, at least INITIALLY, they won’t have FPP available. I think after the initial “rush”, however, they will open up windows.

It is conjecture. But those FPPs could be worth their weight gold! (Well, okay. Bad analogy, since digital FPPs don’t weigh anything!)

Interesting. I had never considered that possibility. I’ve come to terms with SW:GE opening during my Halloween trip by thinking I could FPP one of the rides. I’m not putting DS4/DS2 through any lines longer than an hour. Perhaps I’ll go back to my original plan of avoiding HS as much as possible. Plenty of time to change my mind back and forth…

IF WDW does the route of not announcing an opening date, that would suggest that there would be no FPPs available initially…at least not until they actually open. Allowing FPPs ahead of time would effective “announce” their opening date.

So, I suppose if they ACTUALLY open on Nov. 1, for example, that starting on Nov. 1, you might be able to get a FPPs for any of the SWGE rides going forward. It will be a mad dash to see who can get them first, though. Basically, once the first person makes any kind of Twitter about how, “Oh, look guys! SWGE is open!” and it spreads in 3 milliseconds flat, you can bet people will jump onto MDE and start fighting over the possibility of a FPP.

They could just start the FP window the day it opens. Maybe some lucky people will get same day FPs. You never know.

Oh, yes. Definitely possible.

Ha! People will complain. People always complain!