SWGE AP Preview

Anyone else worried that crowds are going to increase that weekend now that APs are allowed to schedule their previews?

The thought crossed my mind, but I’ve got so many other things to worry about that I’ve decided to let this one go. I’m just happy I got in for the preview and I’ve got my FastPasses and Dining Reservations set, and with that, I’m crossing the potential increased crowds off the worry list…

Don’t think it would make a major impact on the crowd level.

First, the number of people attending the preview is limited by reservations.
Second, those attending are going to be spending 4 hours in the added 14 acre SWGE portion of the park.

But once there, they may be in the rest of the park. Or they may go to another park.

Since they’ll be frequent visitors it’s hard to determine what they’ll decide to do for the rest of their stay. My guess is they’ll mostly hop over to Epcot by the evening for a final viewing of Illuminations.

I’m guessing most will make a long weekend out of it. They’ll spend the 4 hours at SWGE and they’ll probably park hop to another park.

I am hoping with a touring plan and Fast passes it will all work out!

Also why is the crowd level only a 4? Won’t AP holders be in the park before and after there time in SWGE.
I looked back at the crowd level history for Pandora and crowd levels were rated 7 or 8 during previews…

I’ve been keeping track of DW resort availability and that weekend has definitely seen an increase in resort bookings since previews were booked. Almost every resort was available and now less than half have availability.

I know people keep saying not to worry, that it won’t make a difference at other parks but I don’t agree, the previews are 4 hours and the AP holders will definitely be at the other parks the rest of the time.


I wonder if HS would close because of capacity on those days?