How likely is it that we will need sweatshirts in two weeks? Keep in mind we are from MN, and anything over 50 is downright tropical!

I’m here now - also from MN. Bring one, like a light zip up fleece. You may need it for heavy AC locations like a bus after a water park

I used one last May, at night walking around the BW in a light rain.

I usually carry a light jacket, since it takes up less room in my backpack than a sweatshirt. Having said that, when I visited the parks in early March I wore the jacket one morning and that was the only time I needed it.

I was wear sweatpants and long sleeves this past weekend. High was 70 low was about 48 but I’m from south Alabama so I get cold easily.

We are from Philadelphia and we were there last week. Only one night did we need sweaters/sweatshirts…Fantasmic (it is ALWAYS cold on our Fantasmic night!) It is was in the 50’s. Other than that, never needed a layer. It’s tough to go from our winter and cold temps down south. It will be 80 and we are overheating. Our thermostats are still set so high haha