Swapping Points?

I was wondering is it possible to swap points with another DVC member? For example, my home resort is Boardwalk, but I really want to take a trip to Disneyland and stay at the Grand Californian. I have been watching booking dates at the 7 month window and it seems pretty impossible unless you have the 11 month window of that being your home resort. I feel like Boardwalk is pretty desirable (especially during Food and Wine) and I was interested in going to DL around Halloween time. Are there any websites that would facilitate a swap? Or any boards/groups that this is done in? Or is this even able to be done?

I hope I explained this correctly where that makes sense haha

@Nickysyme, is this something that can be done or advertised on MouseOwners?

MouseOwners has a very active Rent/Trade/Transfer board: http://www.mouseowners.com/forums/forumdisplay.php?f=58

Forgot to add this: You can’t actually “swap” points, as in a given UY you can either transfer points into your account or out of your account. You can’t do both in one UY.

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Yes, but that is, as far as I understand, about points. I think @PhotoFGIT is actually trying to trade reservations? I guess in a way it is a type of two-way rental?

I guess I didn’t read it that way, but as you say, that would effectively be a two-way rental. Waiting for the OP for clarification.

Yes! It would be more of a reservation swap than an actual trading of points.

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Sorry, I don’t go on to the Mouseowners RTB much. I imagine you could post it on a couple of the boards (points wanted and points for rent).

You could certainly ask on the main board how to do it. Otherwise you could rent out your points and use the cash to rent points from someone else.

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