Swap MK and AK days?

Dear liners, please help this indecisive momma get my plans in stone!

Our trip is Oct 7-12 with park days the 8-11th. We are planning 2 days in MK, one at EP and one at AK. Skipping out on HS this trip due to interests/closures It will be me, hubby, my mom (69) son (6) and daughter (almost 3). I’m trying not to overwhelm our plans too much in an effort to not wear my mom slap out and to keep the tiny toddler dictator appeased.

I have day 1 at MK with a mid-day nap/break at the hotel. Day 2 is Epcot with either another mid day break/nap at the hotel or just wrapping up the day by 2pm – it’s our first time at EP and I’m not sure how long we will want to be there. Now to my dilemma:

Right now I have us at MK for Day 3 and leaving around 4-5 before the MNSSHP (which we are not attending) and wrapping up at AK our last day. But now I’m questioning if I should swap these days and have a longer second MK day with a nap break again vs pushing through two days in a row with the potential of no break/nap.

IF I change these days the downside is crowds and FPP –
Tuesday CL is 5 for MK and 6 for AK
Wednesday CL is 7 for MK and 4 for AK
We have an ADR for the Bon Voyage breakfast Tuesday at 8:05, so we won’t be rope dropping wherever we go (I’m hoping to move this to our EP day, I’ve got reservation finder looking out for me!)
Also, I scored a FP to FOP for Wednesday, so if I swap, I’m losing it. I would also be losing my 7DMT FP for MK. The rest of my FP choices would be available. And of course I will continue to stalk for the next 36 days LOL

I know it’s ultimately personal preference and what works best for our family… but we have only been to DW once before and that was just me, hubs and our son just before he turned 3 and he just napped in the stroller and we went hard the whole exhausting trip lol So maybe someone else has more experience and some advice?! I want to feel confident with my decision before the 30 day mark hits and ALL the FPP are gone!

I would stick with your original plan. We just got back from our 7day trip and during the last month, I found myself rearranging things, only to go back to my original plan. You put thought and logic into your initial plan and it’s probably better for you and your family than you think.

We split our time in MK over three days: Day 1 8am - 4pm, Day 2 7-10pm, Day 3: 11am-10pm with a long break for dinner at Whispering Canyon at WL and I felt that it was more than enough time. With kids your age, I think you’ll be fine with the two days you have scheduled. MK is magical at night, so as long as you spend the first evening there, I think staying until 4-5pm on the second day would be fine. I was with husband, son (6) and daughter (1) and I felt we had covered what we needed to more than adequately, even though we skipped several things. By the end, we were just re-riding our favorites (mostly 7DMT and BTMRR) using ride swap passes that we accumulated during the first day and doing a little shopping.

We didn’t end up spending much time in Epcot, especially World Showcase. For some reason, it didn’t click with us, so I would say that you day ending at 2pm there is probably fine.

Also, I would say that the Bon Voyage breakfast is probably one of the harder ADRs to get right now. I kept looking for a last minute one for our last day, but only found one time available and it didn’t suit our schedule. There was much more availability for BOG, Ohana and other difficult ones during the week. So, I’d keep your schedule to ensure you have that breakfast, if it’s a priority.

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Thanks for the advice! I’m anticipating Epcot to not be much of a match for us either. I honestly wish it was possible to get a park hopper for just one day and I would have split a half day at EP and half at HS to hit all the hot spots (mainly anything Frozen for my daughter lol) but oh well!
Your experience makes me feel a little more confident in my current plans!

I think your plan is good and you could do epcot by 2pm unless you want to really immerse yourself in world showcase

Very few queues there for the rides

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Well the Frozen ride has very long lines and is in World Showcase. I’m assuming you will have got a FP for that though? If not you really need to RD it if you don’t want to wait a long time. It opens at 9am.

Yes! Thankfully snagged a FPP for Frozen, although not at the best time. It’s not until 1:15, so I’m checking back for earlier options but something is better than nothing!

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Keep trying, I’m sure you’ll get an earlier time. FPs only start at 11 though.

Keep your Flight of Passage Fast Pass! Do not give this up – it is amazing and you don’t want to miss it!!
Don’t worry about crowd levels anymore - you won’t be able to tell the difference that much anyways and those are only predictions!