Swan room request, need advice

The fax, room view finder thingy doesn’t work with Swan so I need your help. I have a standard room, with single king bed. What rooms, should I request?

Ha - depends what you want.

we had a room with a pleasant view (also had balcony which I really enjoyed having.

We were on the 5th or 6th floor of one of right had side ARM / WING of SWAN - near the end. (as you are looking at the swan from the Dolphin we were in right hand side arm that jets towards the Dolphin). Our room faced the other arm and into the lake, the Dolphin and the boat launch between.

Great view. Couldn’t see EPCOT but it was fun watching all the hustle and bustle.

I do have to say the staff was nice in trying to accommodate a nice view. I simply asked at checkin and they were as accommodating as possible. I would stay away from anything that overlooks a roof etc as you also get the noise from the roof top air conditioners etc.