Swan question

Swan question.

So we have reservation for late August. And we have our park upper tickets and everything is linked on MDE. I will get physical tickets in mail in 10 days.

The MDE app is showing I can only fp+ 30 days in advance. I thought it was 60 days for swan. Can anyone help?

I answered this over on chat for you but…

You get to book at 60 days because you’re staying onsite. Your trip is longer away than that, so if you’re trying to make FPs now, then it can’t be for your onsite stay. Therefore, you can only see 30 days out now, and it won’t show 60 days until you get to 60 days before your trip.

Having said that, it could be 30 days at the Swan, I don’t know.

Edit to add I just used the search facility and it is 60 days. It will open up for you at 7am 60 days before your onsite stay begins.

Ok. I get it now. Thanks so much for the reply. Everything I’m reading is that it is 60 days. Super excited for the location and teacher discount we qualified for. Thanks again

Another thing I noticed. We are checking into the Dolphin three days before our first day at a park, and the pre-selection of FP seems to be based on your stay not your park visit. In other words, I was able to book my FP 63 days before we get to the park. Unfortunately I didn’t know that and waited until 60 days. No big deal just something to keep in mind.

Your ticket is linked to your reservation. As far as Disney is concerned, you can use your ticket from day 1 of your stay.

Unless your ticket was linked to a second reservation, there isn’t any way for Disney to “know” when you intend to visit the parks. So it’s 60 days before check-in that fp+ opens up.

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Right, which I didn’t realize. I assumed it wouldn’t let you select any fast passes until you were 60 days from the first visit. I suppose most people don’t check in days before that, we just happen to have a conference for the first few days, and then staying for a few more to hit the parks.

Hopefully you still got everything you wanted?

Yes. These are awesome tips. Thank you so much for he help. Super psyched to get back !!!

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