Swan Or Polynesian?

Need your thoughts about our accommodation.

It seems we have an option to stay at either Swan Or Polynesian for 4 nights in the coming fall where net cost is more or less the same. Poly $30 more than swan per night, to be precise.
We (2 adults / 2 elementary kids) plan to be at WDW for 8 nights and plan a split stay. 4 at value + 4 at deluxe. Plan to visit one day each at AP, AK and HS and 2 days at MK. 2 or 3 days at Waterpaks/Downtown.

I understand they are both at different ‘areas’ but still, which one would you chose ? Appreciate your thoughts.

We LOVE the Polynesian and personally would choose that over Swan, especially if in the same price range b/c Poly can be super expensive!

I would personally choose the Poly over the Swan. Stayed at the Poly last year and it was wonderful - such a fantastic resort plus the location is excellent for MK and Epcot.

We are staying at the SWAN - mostly as I can stay there with points (so it is free). However I would probably do POLY for a few reasons (outside of the resort itself)
1 - Magical Express (however if you have a car this is moot)
2 - Magic bands included (assuming you are buying tickets via WDW - otherwise once again moot)
3 - It is Close to MK and with smaller kids - you would probably be there more often
4 - Transportation to MK and EPCOT are great

I do like the Swan - but if you cost is the same (GOOD JOB) I would do POLY

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