Swan or Dolphin and why?

Hi! Just looking for feedback on Swan and Dolphin. I have never stayed and a friend is looking to stay at one of them, but is not sure which to choose (or even if that matters). Appreciate any recent feedback on rooms, beds, food options, etc. TIA for any feedback you can offer. :grinning:


They’re remarkably similar. Maybe the Dolphin has slightly better dining options, but it’s a 10-minute walk to maybe a dozen different restaurants around the Epcot Resort loop, so you’ve got plenty of choices anywhere.

I stayed there from July 31- August 7. The Dolphin is the last to get on a bus and the last to get off. The Disney bus will stop at The Boardwalk(maybe the Yacht Club?) first and then the Swan and last the Dolphin. That is not the end of the world.

I will be staying at the Swan this Fall and I chose it for two reasons. First it is smaller so less time out the door for RD maybe and from the map it looks slightly closer for walking to HS and EP. But I hear both are very nice so I would have been happy either way.

The swan is typically $20 more per night than the dphin and seems to have fewer families staying there.

even though swan is a westin , dolphn a sheraton, actually in my opinion the dolphin looks and feels far more luxurious. the surroundings are pretty cool. believe its also a shorter distance to the pool complex.

I tried to figure out the bus sequence b4 we went, but pretty much can say better than I thought would be at dolphin location. a few emh morns (mk-ak) we almost had bus all to ourselves. I understand it goes to boardwalk, swan, then dolphin - but they must have specially dedicated buses on certain busy day, morns, or else not many folks opted for emh rope drop those days. so was straight shot from bus stop to each park.

I know the Swan has queen size beds. Does the Dolphin have queen or double?


actually dolphin has oversized double beds. definitely heavenly, as promised. evidently they are a specially made size for that hotel, half way between a double and a queen.

You will have no problem with beds or pillows at The Dolphin. The poll in the guide book was spot on.

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Watch for hidden fees in costs, such as a resort fee and parking fee that WDW hotels don’t offer.

Dolphin lobby is bigger and few more shops there. Rooms are about the same between the 2, just the bed size. The beds are awesome. Dolphin is a bit closer to the pool area. Swan is closer to HS. As mentioned, there are additional fees that can bring your cost up in line with the Disney deluxes. You do get 2 bottles of water per day for your resort fee.

That said, you can occasional find deals make them worth considering even with the fees. If getting a convention rate for a business trip, SPG might extend that for an additional personal stay.

We stay with my SPG points when I build up enough. These are even better when they’re free!


Have some further info to prices. Planning to possibly go back November, just there mid August- had great prices, half or less than dis luxury level rooms.

Horror ensued. Oct, Nov prices crazy high. Called hotel today, for explanation/advice. fantastic. Told me avoid certain months -Oct, Nov I guess. the food event plus conventions spike price up I guess.

Checked Kayak, beautiful - for December. so I am back in business. I can call the hotel, they will I’m sure match the prices I see on Kayak.

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Do they offer the refillable mugs like other Disney properties?

Just called the hotel. It is true that the Dolphin has double beds in their standard rooms, while the Swan has Queen beds in their standard rooms. I has already booked at the Dolphin due to some of the reviews, but this issue of bed size was making me consider changing.
However, Just found out that the Dolphin will be undergoing renovations in the Fall!!!
So I just changed my reservation to the Swan.