Swan or Boardwalk Inn

So after a ton of research, the price differential between the Swan with a balcony and a standard view room and the Boardwalk inn is about $35 a night more for the DBI. And about $45 a night for Yacht club…

Thoughts as to which is better?

If you have a costco exec membership, you might realize far more savings at Swan.
You won’t get DME at swan, or have access to the dining plan if you care about that.
Swan also has a “resort fee” that might not be included, and also the parking fee might be something to check as well.

I stayed at Swan through a Costco package after researching hotels with similar amenities, and the Swan price was a no-brainer.

If it is only $35 the advantages of staying at a Disney resort (DME, MBs, DP, package delivery) would have me pick BW .

I was going to say this as well! :slight_smile: A friend of mine just stayed at BW and LOVED it.

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Just edited tag above… Yacht club is not much more. thoughts?

For me, YC ALWAYS wins! I have “a thing” for balconies (voice of experience here- not all BW rooms have them). Plus- that pool!

OK - if there is MINIMAL cost difference - do NOT stay at the SWAN. Stay at Boardwalk / YC. I would probably do YC. You get Storm along bay. The resort is a bit more quite - but you can go to all the action on the other side. YC for SURE

We stayed at the Swan on points. Had a balcony and a nice view. However out stay was ok at best. Room / hallways smelled musty (and I don’t smell anything). Pool was SAD, service was BAD. Location was great.

We stayed at SWAN as we could get the room for FREE - but to a certain degree I was a bit disappointed. Even at $100 - $150 a nigh difference I would stay at Boardwalk / YC.

SWAN has a decided 80’s vibe - where YC has a nice, upscale, yet relaxed atmosphere. You have all the excitement of Beach Club next door - but still quite in the hotel itself.

Thanks. Gonna make the switch. Between the resort fees and transportation it’s more even then I originally thought.

Question. I see “some rooms have balconies”. Is there a way to reserve for or even guarantee a balcony in their garden view / standard view rooms ??? Also is there a particular side or view I should shoot for in the room finder request ???

The only rooms at YC that do not have balconies are rooms with patios I believe.

Boardwalk so you are on Disney property!

Just booked YC. Thanks for everyone’s help


You will be thrilled

Good call

Wow.sounds like we stayed at diff hotels!

HA. Its so funny - i think a lot of my experience was determined by the poor service. If the service had been better - I think i wouldn’t have noticed some of the other concerns.

We had just spent 3 nights at Portafino - which was a spectacular hotel. Hotel was beautiful and the service was outstanding. Had wanted to stay at Swan first and then go to Portafino. If that had happened - I think I wouldn’t have been so harsh.

I do have to say I very much enjoyed the time on the balcony. Great view watching the world go by and seeing the Friendship boats come in and out. That was awesome