Swan & Dolphin resort fee?

I know that there is a nightly resort fee at S&D. Is the fee already added into my package price, or do I pay the parking and resort fee separately at the end of my trip?

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Did you book directly with S & D or with a TA or special deal?

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I’m going to bet you pay it at the hotel no matter who you booked through. I’ve never stayed as part of a package, but my understanding is the fee is to let them advertise lower prices and then hit you for another $30/nt later.

Edit: parking might be included. Have to check the package terms for that

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I asked because I know MVT had a special deal and usually their prices includes taxes and fees. They might be an exception. @jamileigh78 I saw you posted this on chat too.

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That could be. I just have always read they want to get that resort fee, probably even more so if it’s a low price deal. Even when booking free nights I always have to pay.

I’m planning to book with a Disney travel agent.

MVT is a Disney travel agency. You are not going to book one of their exclusive deals (they might be past ). @JJT are there special deals out there?

What dates @jamileigh78?

On Priceline Express There were some good Swan deals in August, and still $122 deals (before resort fee) in Sept. in Oct it jumps to $155 or so, which ok in general but is meh as far as hidden deals go.


There was some talk of making resort fees illegal. I would be in favor of that.
They’re not optional, hence they need to be part of the room charge. But until that day, here is a tool to help ppl find out who has what. It’s best to search by name of the hotel, that’s the only way I could find the Dolphin. And Swan.



@Pod That’s a good resource - thanks!

Boy I’d love to see resort fees gone and rolled into the regular charge, is a complete racket.
and: What is up with Best Westerns and Econo Lodges with resort fees? Geez.

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