Swan/Dolphin Questions

For those of you who have stayed at Swan and Dolphin, I have a few questions and concerns:

  1. Do they offer the refillable mugs like other Disney properties?
  2. With no ME, how much would a taxi be from MCO to the area?
  3. How are the QS prices for the food options available there, compared to Disney hotels?

Any other comments or reviews would be helpful. We would love to stay in the EP area and this looks like cheaper option for us. Thanks!!

I do not have all your answers but I have been looking at this recentlly too. My father usually stays at the Dolphin. He says that you can take a Mears shuttle (I think my DME said it was 18 a person each way , but that was last year), or you can take a cab. The last time I took a cab from the airport it was about 50.00 so I would expect it to be at least that. My father always finds a coupon and arranges the RT ride with a limo company. He says he can find it for about 100.00 and he feels special. When I run my numbers I always include the resort fee and the 100.00 for the transportation. I have been able to book both BC and BW for 290 a night recently, so my numbers for swan/dolphin have been too close to book after I have added these costs.

I’m not sure about the refillable mugs. We did not use the QS at all when we were there. My recollection is that we had some difficulties finding things for the kids. I would look at menus online. We did eat once at the QS at the Beach Club.

We used Happy Limo. It was around $75 each way. If your flight is on time, they will stop at a grocery store on the way to the hotel. That is really nice to pick up a few things.

We did have some issues with our room at the Swan smelling musty. We did not move but we’re given a dehumidifier. I found the rooms spacious. The location is really nice. It didn’t feel like Disney as much to me, but not in a bad way. It was peaceful.