Swan and Dolphin questions

Hi all,

We are booked at BCV but I had been really counting on the room discount, and we didn’t get one. So, my DH has Marriott status and we booked a suite at Dolphin, not only saving us what the discount would’ve saved us but even more money. Seems like a no brainer to save a bunch of money yet be in the Epcot resort area, but I’m bummed because I was looking forward to BCV. I am not canceling Beach Club YET in hopes of a miracle discount but I want to be prepared if we’re doing Dolphin.

Question 1: I have our magic bands from April 2019 - how do I reuse them? How will I know they are still good?

Question 2: When should I officially cancel Beach Club, before my 60 day fast pass date? Obviously before our final payment is due! Any chance when I call to cancel they’ll say “No, we don’t want you to cancel, let’s get you that 25% off!” (HAHAHA). I will be canceling 5 nights in a 2br villa and dining plan (will keep the 6 day tickets)

Question 2: I know we get no magic bands, no magical express, no dining plan, and no pool lifeguards, lack of Disney theming…anything else I’m missing that is different from staying at Beach Club?


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We stayed in the deluxe alcove room suite at the Dolphin over Thanksgiving. TBH the price was amazing and the suite was so much nicer than the Beach Club. We had 2 beds and a pull out sofa in a different room. Two fridges. The 2nd bathroom only had a closet and sink which kind of strange but it was a ton of space. Also a breakfast table with 4 nice chairs. Your magic bands will still work as tickets and for fast pass. I always just buy gift cards and use that to pay for everything. It makes me feel more “ in the bubble” than swiping the credit card for everything.

You’re fine for fast passes as long as you have 1 Hotel booked and linked. I’d buy my tickets separately and link them. Not a fan of the whole package thing and being tied in like that.

1- old magic bands are still on ur account, they work until battery dies- should still be fine
2- cancel whenever you are done grieving lol
3- we have really enjoyed our stays at swan and dolphin in the past, couldn’t stomach the amount of points we would need this time

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We stayed at the Dolphin a few years ago, cashed in Marriott Rewards. Got a regular room and they upgraded us to a Junior Suite. Much bigger than a regular WDW resort room.

Make sure that your Dolphin reservation is linked to your MDE account and as long as the magic bands are still active in the account, they should work just fine at the parks. Of course, magic bands have no benefit at Dolphin or Swan.

Word of caution, if and when you cancel the other reservation, you probably will get a warning email from WDW that FP reservations will be cancelled. This is part of the WDW system trying to prevent people from gaming the system to get FP reservations before 60 days. As long as you have an active reservation, your FR reservations should be fine.

We’ve never stayed at Beach club, but enjoyed the Swan last summer on points (can’t beat free) and the ability to walk to 2 parks. I don’t think my kids missed/noticed lack of “theming” at Swan. Bed and rooms were really nice.

I am staying at Dolphin first time in February. I have read but don’t know that you may only be able to book 60 days out and not 60 plus 10 or even 60 plus 2. As I booked within 30 day window, I don’t know if that is true or not. With a longer trip, if true, that may be a disadvantage, as then you may miss out on the hard to get FP’s to people booking 60+10, 60+5, etc.

The FPP is exactly the same as on-site. 60 + length of stay.

Thank you! This is good to know as I am thinking of booking a later and multi-day trip and potentially staying there.