SWA: buy now or wait?

So trip is in late August (i hope). I had originally budgeted $683 for 2 round trip tix to MCO and back. When fares were released on Mar 12, the cost was $633.

The current SWA fare sale makes the trip cost $333. over 50% off from my original budget.

So thoughts/vote?

  1. Buy later. Wait and see if fares get cheaper given current situation.
  2. Buy now, and just get any credit differences. I mean, I already saved $350

side note: due to flight times, I extended my stay by 1 day so this savings almost covers the deluxe 1 night stay.

Buy now. I needed tickets for our May trip and had been checking for several weeks. On Sunday they were $99 each way on SWA. I’ve never, in all these years scored a deal like that.

Now…whether we get to use them only time will tell.


I would buy. I went ahead and did on on 3/12/20 for a September trip. There are 6 flights that leave my city and 4 of them are now sold out. The prices have actually gone up about $20 per ticket and SW says there are only a total of 5 seats left on those 2 flights remaining.

IMHO - a lot of ppl are rescheduling for fall.

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I just checked by flights, went down another $30 bucks.

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Buy now. Worse that happens is you cancel and they hold that credit for you, which will be good for a year from purchase (and which may fall into exceptions if you’re unable to go because of this thing still happening – which it better not be by then!)


If you can afford to have your money tied up, it sounds like a great investment.
Those of us worried about potential unemployment likely won’t be able to travel and even pushing out tickets wouldn’t be as helpful as money.

Yep. understood. I empathize with many people’s situation both here and abroad. Very tough and crazy times.

tl;dr: I bought.


Plane tickets are the ONLY thing I’ve purchased for my proposed October trip and I didn’t even hesitate.