SW "Missed Flight" Question

DH and I have decided to fly out separately next week (originally so that I could go to Len’s Gingerbread House contest but now I might have to miss). I normally fly as his companion but for just the BOS-MCO leg, I’m going to fly JetBlue. I will be coming home as his companion.

He has a round trip flight booked on SW so when I go to add myself as companion, it adds me to both legs. Has anyone experienced this before? I do not want to cancel/rebook because I did some excellent points massaging. Do we think I can call and cancel my companion booking on half of the flight? Or what if I just “miss” that flight, will it kick me off the home bound flight? Thanks!

Miss one leg of the trip, you generally get kicked from all. You can do this trick if it’s the last leg you’re missing, but not the first.

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What if you modified the trip to be two one-way trips and include you on just the one you’ll for sure be on?

Did you already say you don’t want to do that?

My comprehension skills are low at this time of day

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Ya… I’m afraid of having to pay more points but if that’s what I have to do I will. I would like to be able to return home!

I thought about trying to book the companion WHILE we are in Florida but it also seems risky.

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Would you though? The alternative is Staying in Walt Disney World For Forever!


So true! I will just have my parents drop the children off with you when they feel like they’ve fulfilled grandparenting.


Oh, so sorry! I have no available beds and per state law I must have beds available to take in any wayward children.

To the streets with them!

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Shoot! Bay Lake Tour has no more rooms in December either! DH is on the phone now with SW to see if we can make this happen. Although I suppose they could just visit their father and use all the points I’ve already hoarded to come visit me on my tent on Discovery Island.


You’re homeless in FL… they’re on the streets in NH…

It’s a family thing :wink:

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Darn, it was easily fixed by a phone call with extremely minimal hold time! <3 Southwest! Now I will have to return to the north.

It’s cold here.

I’m so sorry.

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