SW:GE Opening Day

Wish I was there… NOT


I would love to see and ride but I’m with you, NOT! At least NOT with the human masses shown on the news and blogs.

Park opened at 6:00 AM; SW:GE at capacity within a few minutes. Line for Smuggler’s Run at 300 minutes.

This is exactly what I predicted…

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I was really excited following along on chat from 3.30am (8.30am here of course!). But more than wishing I was there, which would be cool, I wish I was at MK! Actual waits for 7DMT under 20 mins all morning.


Smuggler’s Run is down to 180 which is not bad considering. And the land seems to hold crowds fairly well because it doesn’t appear to be shoulder to shoulder on any of the videos I’ve seen.


So was it open to ALL guests at 6 this morning, or only WDW resort guests?

Yep, me too. And I must admit, up until I came home from work a few minutes ago I wondered if I was going to look very foolish. :joy:

On here and elsewhere there were two very distinct camps of thoughts about it, and I was told several times I was being too pessimistic; what they saw as pessimism I saw as realism.

I’ve had a couple of messages from people who were in the queue in the early hours. Seems like they had a blast, probably because the gates opened early and they were in the first wave to get in.

I need to read more now about how effective the virtual queue system was. Very interested to see what kind of wait times people had for entry to Galaxy’s Edge.

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Everyone for the first three days. Then the EEMH starts.

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Did they say what time they got in line? I’m trying to decide if I want to do this for RotR!

Steve and Angela from TP lined up at 9PM last night and had 3 people in front of them.


why…just…why? :slight_smile:

There is nothing there that would warrant such a line. It’s not like it’s going anywhere.


That’s gonna be a solid nope! :joy::rofl:

Me too!


Around 3-3:30am. One staying at BW and one got an Uber to BC; both walked up. The group that got an Uber weren’t sure if they’d be allowed to be dropped off at DHS that early so decided to take the safe option.


This was exactly my thought too!! Gives me motivation to get up for our EEMH! I hope they are also low crowds in October.


That sounds a little more reasonable than 9pm! We will be at BW too. I’m hoping things die down quickly and they don’t extend EEMH (wishful thinking, I know!). We have a 9:25am at Oga’s on the day RotR opens. I’d love to skip all the craziness and get straight in!


That’s the point! They lined up at 9PM so they wouldn’t have to wait to ride MF.


What do the lines look like to get into HS now?

They look like A wretched hive of scum and villainy.

We must be cautious.