SW: GE live

Besides the opening ceremony, is there anyone out there planning to live-stream GE on Friday? My son and I will be going next Easter and he wants to see anything and everything possible.

During the last D23 Theme Park announcements I watched wdwnt live stream through periscope. I am confident they will be streaming on some platform whenever their entry time allows it.

youtube’s gonna break.
Instagram’s gonna break.
Facebook’s gonna break.

It will be…glorious.


I can’t. Our internet connection at work (remote location, small town) is terrible on a good day

I’ll check in on it from time to time.

What time is the opening ceremony. I may need to “use the facilities” around then.

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3am :crazy_face:

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The speech will be short.

“We completely own you now.” and they cut the ribbon. PLEASE tell me they’ll cut the ribbon with a lightsaber (or, y’know, bash the break-away-ribbon with a lightsaber).


I don’t know for sure, but I suspect a lot of the big Disney blogs will be there and will share photos/videos. I’m also pretty sure there’s a press event and they’ll be allowed to share images from their visit right around the time of the opening event tomorrow night, so expect the floodgates of new images to open then.

You may also want to join this Facebook group - https://www.facebook.com/groups/swgalaxysedge/

The person who moderates the group seems to be seeking out at sharing most photos that have been released already, so he may do the same tomorrow (if he’s not in the park).

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This week’s Disney Dish also said that Len was going to be there?

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Great! Thank you! And that fb group has a ton of details.

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