SW Flights (Fall)

Isn’t today, Thurs. 5/28/20, the date SouthWest Airlines releases their fall schedule?

I thought so. Maybe they will open up later today?

I checked earlier on the app and they weren’t going past October but I just looked on the website and they are up through January 4.


Looks like they opened shortly after I posted! A lot of flight choices are already gone! Wow!

I guess ppl are going to be OK travelling this fall / winter.

Or just grabbing them, knowing there is a no change fee or - even better - if booked on points one could just cancel the flight and be no worse off.

Southwest’s liberal policy in this area - which I love and do not wish to see changed (in case they’re listening) - does create a bit of an issue in this way on fare release day

I have flights booked for October already and have been waiting for December to come out. I found better deals for October by waiting a month or so after the initial release. I am going to wait a while before I book December as the prices are way more then I am willing to pay today.

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I check on the daily. Literally.

ahhh I see we’re back to gouging prices for flights now that Disney and UOR announced they’re opening.


I try to check every day, but you know sometimes life… Even not checking every day I was able to go BWI to MCO RT for $170. So I’ll wait to book and see what happens.

Get the app. Checking flight prices is a good way to kill time when you’re forced waiting somewhere or just have a free moment. So quick. Takes me less than a minute to check all four of my currently scheduled flights

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Prices on release day always spike.

They will settle down in a bit.

Keep checking

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Ehh, when the last one released, they were super low, $79 … now i’m seeing around $131, which is the normal price for everything. I fully expect them to drop at some point, but I was hoping of a repeat from last time for at least a week.

Just a sign of “normalcy” i suppose.

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