SW companion pass question

Hello all. I earned my companion pass with SW personal and business credit card bonuses in 3/2020 and then cancelled these cards. It will expire at the end of 12/2021. Currently, the SW credit card offer is, sign up by 12/7/21 and earn 50,000 points with $2000 spend in first three months and then another 50,000 points with $12,000 spend in the first 12 month. Regarding the 24 month block out window of some sort (either from the time of opening the last card or from the time of earning the bonus points??). Does this mean that I would not actually qualify to earn the bonus points because it has been less than 24 months since doing this…or that I would earn the bonus points but (assuming I got to 125,000 points through bonuses and spending), would not be able to earn the companion pass until 24 months had elapsed since earning the last one? Thanks for any insight.

I am pretty sure it has to be 24 months after your first sign up before you can get another sign on bonus.

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I earned mine about the same time but still have my card. Others who have actually done this may know better but from what I’ve read I believe the 24 months have to elapse after you earned the bonus and before you sign up for a card again. So in my head, I’m on an every-3-years sign-up cycle. Not that it takes a year to earn the bonus, but just that the good offers come up about the same time once per year.

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That is what I was originally thinking…that I would probably need to sit this year out and then aim to earn a new one (mostly through sign up bonuses) at the beginning of 2023 to get the most time out of it.