Survey says ......?

"Ok here we go… got pad and paper ready and you"all will dictate what I will document. Got quite a ways out for my 180 days but I tend to prep early as far as planning. What I would like is for you to list your top 3 Disney dining places. your job is to convince me this is a must do dining place and why so
p.s. I have the deluxe dining package and will not stray from those on that plan
thank you


I love Tusker House- good food, great character interaction, and not that hard to get a reservation.

This comes down to your tastes. However I would take advantage of the dining options in the Deluxe resorts. I do have to say one of the best meals I have ever had (it has been several years) was JIKU at AKL. But not knowing if you like steak, seafood, vegan etc - I would suggest that you pick from the nicer hotels. O much lesser known restaurant is Monsieur Paul in FRANCE (not Le Chef’s de France) - although that is very nice as well.

If you have younger daughters and want good princess interaction, you can’t beat CRT. My family enjoyed Mickeys Backyard BBQ on the night we went down. The food was ok, but the character interaction was great and there was a live band and a trick roper. Laid back atmosphere and good times.

It really depends on the make up of your party what I would recommend, but based purely on my preferences, these are my top 3 -

Raglan Road - fabulous food and great entertainment. A good time for all the family.

BOG - so atmospheric and great food. Plus you get to meet Beast (at dinner).

Liberty Tree Tavern - again great food (I’ve only done lunch) and the ooey gooey toffee cake is divine. It’s not available at dinner. There’s an AYCE option at lunch, dinner is only AYCE.

wife and I are taking our 20th anniversary just married off our last child


love steak seafood …

Le Cellier in the Canada pavilion. Must do for steak in my opinion… and in the opinion of a lot of others also.

Of those I’ve been to:

Tusker House - Great character buffet and the food was different and pretty good.

'Ohana - The food is amazingggg. Especially if you enjoy unlimited skewers of meat and shrimp lol. The bread pudding is to die for.

BOG - Can’t beat dining in the Beast’s castle. Great food too!

I definitely stick by my 3 then.

Le Cellier is always a must do for us (although I know it gets some mixed reviews). We love the steak, but really we go for the signature poutine! DS8 has gone and just ordered the poutine for his meal…and he’s tried to convince our local restaurant to add it to the menu (and they laugh when he talks about the red wine reduction).


Signatures: CG (best combination of food and atmosphere in WDW), Monsieur Paul, Jiko (based on food alone, the best two in WDW; they are also the most “adult feeling” in WDW). Runner up - Artists Point (excellent food and a slightly more casual setting). I haven’t been to Tiffins or FF since it reopened yet, so I can’t include them in my mix; I’ve been to all of the other signatures.

Regular TS: Biergarten (excellent German food and fun atmosphere), Raglan Road (large menu, excellent food and drink, and great entertainment), Sanaa (very good Indian food and you can watch the animals while you eat). Runner up: Via Napoli (some of the best pizza that I have had - anywhere). The last two are actually a tie based on food; just depends which cuisine you like better; I gave Sanaa the nod because of the animal viewing.

I also have to add V&A, in a category by itself. It has won “Best in Orlando” numerous times, and the food is hands-down the finest anywhere in WDW. But it comes with a very heavy price tag…

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best pizza ? where are you from?

I grew up in CT and had mostly “New York” style pizza, and a lot or “real” NY pizza in my college days (I was a 30 min train ride from Grand Central Station). I’ve lived all over the country, and as pizza is one of my favorite foods, I’ve had it everywhere. I love Chicago style pizza as well, but it’s almost impossible to find good Chicago pizza outside of Chicago.

Giordano’s delivers Chicago style pizza to Disney resorts. Just something to keep in mind if you want to eat in one evening after a pool break.

well then it must be worthy pizza if you say that
I live in ct south east coastline. and know good pizza

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I am a NY thin pizza guy

  1. Jiko- the wild boar appetizer is the best thing I have ever eaten. I have never, ever had a bad meal. It also has great service and a beautiful location.

  2. Raglan Road- great food and just plain fun!

  3. Tiffins- I wish the deserts were as amazing as the entrees and appetizers but it is also one of the most beautiful restaurants in Disney

Hononable mention- I love HBD- I have never had a bad meal- service has been up and down .

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Tiffins is on my “must do” list for my next trip (whenever that may be). I also give high marks to HBD (it’s my hands-down favorite in DHS), but I was trying to limit my lists to 3 - sort of… :slight_smile:

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