Survey acknowledges park reservations and lack of AP

Just finished the survey about my visit last week and another popped up in my email based on my responses

Looks like they are acknowledging responses that include yeah I went to another central Florida theme park - this time they wanted to know why


Awesome! I hope you gave it to em! I’ve done a few surveys for Disney lately. I’ve mentioned AP’s and lack of discounts, dining options and dining plans each time and on different pages.

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while I’m all for the death of the Park Pass, is it true that you couldn’t get wanted?

It was my understanding that it’s become so arbitrary that it shouldn’t even be a thing at this point unless they are expecting a high capacity (like christmas or presidents day).


I’ve not known of any sold out parks most days


My flight was delayed for 1 full day thanks to horrible weather here in Nashville.

Meaning I missed my 1 and only day for Epcot that was booked immediately after my ONSITE reservations. That was the only day available months in advance and NEVER became available to APs during the rest my 7 night stay on PROPERTY! So no GOTG for me and no F&G.

I did however very much enjoy the Mardi Gras food cart tasting pass at UO and the Seven Seas food & wine pass at Seaworld. Oh and both passes at the other parks were discounted thanks to annual passes.

@Randall1028 so yeah it’s still a thing and pretty sure it’s because everyone is trying for GOTG and pretty sure MK will be the same once Tron officially opens.

This may sound pissy and or entitled but honestly I don’t think anyone with a Disney Resort room Confirmation # should be subjected to Park reservations


There were no MK reservations due to Tron .

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That sucks, I’m sorry.

Absolutely. the only people who should have to worry about them are local AP holders. And while the secret is out that park reservations really have nothing to do with capacity anymore, Local AP holders are really the only wildcard when it comes to everything now. So Resort guests (with or without AP) should be able to go to whatever park and hop whenever they want.


Oh wow! That is sucky all around!

I didn’t know Epcot could sell out :rofl:

But I’m sorry it did

I agree that if you’re an on-site guest with a valid ticket you should be free to move about the World unencumbered b park ressies


Seriously I was praying for Frontier to cancel the flight-

3 trees came down in the yard and was very thankful to eat the day.

I am incredibly frustrated with the reservation system and how it affects the possibility of a virtual boarding group ( my next biggest pet peeve ) zilch.

Again I think onsite guests should receive priority- for VB also…So even staying at a deluxe with extra evening hours at Epcot I still couldn’t get on GotG without paying extra for the privilege of paying extra for privileges


Don’t get me wrong I had a phenomenal trip and really liked Universal Mari Gras so much so that my room for next year is already booked.
They really are doing a phenomenal job.