Surprising the kids for Christmas

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I did a search but didn’t really find much.

We are surprising our kiddos with a Disney trip this Christmas. Trip isn’t until February, but they will find out on Christmas morning. We did this a few years ago and had them follow clues for a scavenger hunt, so would like to do something different this time to keep them on their toes. Has anyone done anything like this or have any fun ideas? We do have Disney themed gifts they can open, but not feeling very creative otherwise. They are 9,5 (turning 6 on the 26th), and 3. Thanks in advance!

There’s always the standard of scheduling a Mickey phone call.

I’ve never even heard of this! Sounds amazing…will google it. :blush:

I did a recon trip to Wdw (kids had NO idea) and brought back treasures for them to “announce” their present. Was a big hit!

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I made letters for each of my kids to open. They will be in a box with their Magicbands. My oldest is being invited to Jedi training by Gen. Organa to help Rey defeat the First Order. My youngest invited by Mickey to meet Goofy and the gang. Lots of samples if you google it.

I’ll definitely have to keep the scavenger hunt in mind for next time. So much fun!


This is an awesome idea! Would love to see a link to some templates, if you have them. Thanks!

I saw some on Etsy and Pinterest. I just made mine with some images from Google. Nothing too fancy. For our oldest son I made some fake resistance letterhead and added the following after his name and address:

My name is General Leia Organa. I am the founder and leader of the Resistance.

We are recruiting you to join the Resistance. Rey has almost completed her Jedi training, but she needs your help to defeat the Sith once and for all. Your Jedi training begins January 12, 2020 in Black Spire Outpost, Batuu at Hollywood Studios in Walt Disney World.

Chewbacca and BB-8 are waiting for you to arrive. May the force be with you.


Gen. Leia Organa (signature)

General Leia Organa

For our youngest I kept it simple because he doesn’t really read much yet. I made some Disney letterhead using the actual address and a mickey logo. I signed it with an image of Mickey and a signature I found on Google:

Dear John,

Oh boy! I heard the news that you are coming to visit me and my pals real soon. I cannot wait to see you and your family at Disney World. It’s going to be a magical time!

Your Pal,

I’ll dust this one off. Maybe you can get some ideas.

These are great, thank you! Totally going to steal this idea and will let you know how it goes! :blush: