Surprised by the use of photos as avatars

I'm really surprised by the number of people who have already posted pictures of themselves as their avatars. With others raising questions of privacy and the public nature of the forum and other concerns, it seems odd to me to rush into this -- especially since we've all been operating under nom de plumes for years. Thoughts?

Well, many do already share instagram photos, often with real name attached, on lines chat....

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Since many (including me) post instagram/imgur pictures on chat, I don't see this as much different. Although, I did not post any pictures of myself or my kids during April trip due to the privacy thing. That and my hubby was sure a serial killer would come get us if I posted our pic while there smiley

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Maybe I'm just naive but I refuse to believe someone is going to hunt me down from seeing my picture here.... not sure what they'd do if they found me lol.


I have nothing to hide. Many see me on FB and on Instagram. If someone is wanting to hunt me down, they better have a good reason because this Diva is not a lightweight. IJS..


Amen @TianasPlace! They might find (if they are really bored) but I know how to body slam someone and my body is of sufficient size to do some damage if I do lol.

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I'm comfortable with a large amount of information about myself and my family online. We have a family blog and I post frequently on Facebook and Instagram. I'd rather connect with family and friends than be super vigilant about privacy. I think this is a very personal choice though, and that every online social media site should provide options.

I do no other social media. Mine is a Qulit I made 😎but my smile face is pretty close as my photo


Yeah, I'm pretty much an open book. Nothing to hide here.


My pic is on my business page, so not exactly sharing anything that isn't already out there. I'm not super paranoid, anyway. There are so many ways to find people that a pic on a social media site isn't going to be the deal breaker.


I post on a lot of different kinds of forums around the interwebs and I am pretty careful of my privacy (especially being a teacher). I have a lot of confidence that a forum about Disney is not a high risk sort of place; especially this one, as you have to pay a sub to be part of the community. By nature of the information we are looking for most people need to disclose quite a bit of detail about themselves anyway.. why not post a pic so we can put a face to the name? I love seeing all the avatars, faces or otherwise. smile

I suppose someone could find me if they really want to but I usually don't use my pic as an avatar. I have a separate Instagram account just for Lines but that is primarily because I don't want to share pics of my friends' kids with people I don't personally know.

Interesting post, @ChipinNY. I'm usually pretty cautious about sharing photos, personal identifying info, etc. online, even on FB where I can limit who sees things. Particularly with this potentially being a completely public forum (see this thread) (and a related longer thread on Lines), I'm going to see how things play out before I build out my profile any further. That said, it's nice to put faces with names!

Yes, no picture for me either at this point, that's why I did my best castle picture. smiley I don't do FB or any other social media and I don't share pictures. Not a good idea as a teacher to do so, so I'm pretty careful.

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My picture is of my daughter 4 years ago, so I think I'm safe for now!

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I think that we all have different levels of comfort. My avatars on all social media are not my picture, largely because I don't like staring at myself. I have a blog that I started that includes pictures of my family, but I do not use our names on it, largely because of my job. I work with some very stressed out people who I would rather not be able to easily track me down. They already find me on Linked In, which is all very impersonal. I figure that as long as my picture and name are not easily connected, they will not be able to do too much stalking. As for random strangers, I am really not going to worry about it.

Seriously, I'm a black and white cat who, despite not having thumbs, manages to post in many different web forums and on the Electric Twitter Machine. I also drive myself back and forth to WDW on a regular basis. Why wouldn't I show off a little?


I used to hide my disney addiction, now I'm happy to be a liner and see there are other crazy people like me out there smile It's your own choice to add pics and names.. No one forcing anyone to give personal info.


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I enjoy seeing everybody picture or avatar

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