Surprise trip, Disney snail mail & other correspondence to house?

Hi, I’m new to everything WDW and I’m planning a surprise trip for my spouse and myself. I’m wondering if I should expect any sort of (spam) mail such as “Hi, we’re excited to see you on your upcoming trip, sign up for such and such…” or anything reservation related that would give up the surprise to an adult, especially an influx of just regular Disney related mail.

For the most part, I will make sure I check the mail before my spouse, but that will be difficult since the trip is over 6 months away. I’ve read that the magic bands get mailed to your house, so I’m going to see if I can get them at hotel check-in. Thanks for any advice!

Are you staying on-site? We got a packet with information and a little Date To Remembers magnet after we booked our hotel room.

There may have been another thing or two since then.

MagicBands get mailed, but that’s more like 4 weeks before the trip. Our last day to customize just passed, so we haven’t got them yet.

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You will see a small increase in general mickey mail, and you will get packets about your trip. You could of course just put a family or neighbors address and ask them to let you know when something comes in.

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The Disney Magical Express luggage tags show up in a mailer at some point. Think it’s around the Magic Band time. If you could use your office mailing address that may solve all your issues…

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Wow, this is just the info I needed, thanks for the heads up everyone. I will definitely use an alternate address then! Since we are staying on site, that was my fear that they would send a lot of information. But now that I know they send reminder magnets as well, I can plan to use those in the big reveal!

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If you live abroad, in, let’s say, Norway, you don’t get ANYTHING in the mail from Disney. Even if you have given them quite a few hundred or even thousands of dollars out of your precious vacation budget. No snail mail, no e-mail (except for booking confirmations), certainly no Magic bands, no Magical express tags, no preparation dvd, not even a single almost-Mickey-related spam e-mail. I may or may not feel somewhat ignored by Disney because of this :sob: Boohoo, I want that reminder magnet…


The trade-off is that you get to live in Norway though lol


Thanks for the reminder! Thinking about our daily total of 5 hours of daylight around Christmas makes me feel better already…! :joy: (oh, I am SO ready for Disney now! 24 days! :sun_with_face:)


Not Norway but Canada there was the info package with magnet ( incredibles envelope) and DME tags if using (Mickey envelop) most were emails in the last two weeks before trip.

We got our Magical Express luggage tags shortly after signing up for magical express, about 6 months prior to our trip in 35 more days :smile:. But we rented DVC points and had to sign up for magical express through them so I don’t know if that makes a difference.