Surprise trip--can't keep quiet any longer!

OK...i can't keep it to myself any longer! My husband and I have been planning a surprise trip for our Dds 7 and 10 for the past 6 months or more. Now there is only 24 days left!!! Woo hooo! We haven't been in 2 looonnngg years. The reason I haven't said anything on here is because I was afraid dd 10 would see it. She has been known to get on chat without me knowing. But she has no idea about this new forum, so I think I'm safe :). Oh, FYI...we always eat at Sonic before leaving town to drive all night, 11 hours, to Disney. Our Dds tell us "we have to keep it classic and eat at Sonic (keep it classic Sonic--"kics" for short) on our way out of town. Anyway, this is our plan... I'm a teacher at the same school as dds. Tuesday, Oct.7, after school, my husband is going to meet us at school and just be like, hey let's go get something to eat. They will not know everything is packed in the trunk for Disney World!! I know my daughters, and they will want to go in somewhere to eat. We will say, well how about Sonic? They will argue and say they want to eat inside somewhere. Hubby and and are gonna say, But we have to keep it classic if we r going to Disney World..we have to get our k.i.c.s.!!! I can't wait to see their happy/confused reaction! Then we are going to drive straight to Disney! Keep your fingers crossed for us that everything goes as planned in the coming days! :))


So awesome! Hope the drive and everything goes well!

That sounds awesome!! You have to tell us all about it!!

Thank u!

I definitely will!! I'm so excited!

That sounds amazing. I really look forward to hearing how it goes.

Keep us updated!

Yay!! Keep us posted!!

We are surprising our to sons 6 and 8 this coming Friday! We are picking them up at noon during lunch. The secretary is going to call them down to the office and say a package arrived for them. She is going to give them the Magic Bands. We are going to be in the adjacent room, and while they are confused, we are going to jump out and tell them it's Disney time! They have no idea and will be so excited. Can't wait to record it as well. Good luck keeping the secret, because it's getting harder and harder each day!


We did this a couple years ago. So hard keeping it secret isn't it?!

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Have fun all of you!

I am so excited for you and your family! Telling the kids you have to get your kics is going to be pure awesome!! smile