Suprising a 5 Year Old with Disney Dresses

I want to surprise my 5 year old with a bunch of new Disney dresses, which I bought from while they were having the huge clearance a month ago.

My original plan was to have a dress set out each morning (I bought one for every day we are there) with a note from the princess asking her to wear it for them. I even scheduled our character meals & M&G around each day so she could wear these special dresses. I thought this would make her feel more connected & apt to want to be around the characters (as she’s really shy).

WELL, after waiting 3 weeks, the dresses came today (I have 35 days til we visit), and they look very small. IF I am to keep these dresses, than I need to have her try them on, so I can order replacements if need be. I was thinking maybe a letter from Minnie Mouse saying she “spoke to the princesses & decided to send along a few dresses to try on for your upcoming trip”, with a statement saying “Now remember, these are dresses for your trip, so you will need to try them on, then pack them for the special occasion!”.

Should I just order bigger dresses, so I can still surprise her? Or should I have her try them on & let her in on the surprise early?

Could you have her try just one on? If one fits, the other should too, right? You’d still get to surprise her for most of them. Also, I can tell from your questions that you’re putting so much effort into making this trip special for your DD. I think that’s really wonderful, and I hope you guys have a blast!

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I was thinking that too, having her try on one. But they all look different sizes for some reason (Elsa’s dress is huge, Pochantas is really small). I’d rather be safe than sorry!!! Sound like you think she will be surprised and happy either way!? I am putting so much effort into making this special for her, as she deserves it!!! We don’t vacation often, so I like to make her feel special when we do!

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Alternatively could you just measure them against a dress she already has which is a close fit? So if it’s smaller you know it’s too small.

But I’d probably get her to try on just one as @theredhead suggested. I’d worry that if I got a bigger size it would be too big, or maybe still too small…

I really like your posting name missoverexcited! :slight_smile: I should have been more creative with mine.

I’m sure she’s going to feel special no matter what. Why not have her try on the one that looks smallest?

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I think she will be delighted to have the dresses whether now or on the trip, I’m sure she’ll feel very special :blush:

Thanks, you can change your user name in your profile if you want something more exciting - I have thought about changing mine to something more Disney but I can never choose!

What’s weird is she has a dress from the Disney Store that is sized 5/6 and it fits. Then these dresses when you put them against it (I should measure) are a good amount smaller. I thought if it’s from the same Disney Store, the sizes would match

You’d think so. Maybe just try them all to be safe…

I think a little piece of me (who is soooooo super excited to go) wants to see her in them too… I’m guilty.


Well, between worrying about the fit and your own desire to see them on, I say let her try them. If you’re still looking for a surprise to give her during the trip, you could always have Tinkerbell deliver the matching accessories to the room…

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I understand wanting to build the excitement, and wanting to try them on. Pick the smallest one and have her try it on, if you want to have her try the dress on. You can go with the Minnie Mouse idea and say she needs you to try it on and wants to see how she would like to wear it while she is in Disney. It could also be a gauge to see just how much she will appreciate the dresses overall, maybe she will not want to wear the dresses, and this is a chance to return them.

I am also in the mindset to have it a bit larger so she can wear them longer, if it just fits now, in a few months it won’t. So I say go ahead and get larger sizes if you can.

I will also suggest that you always carry a change of cloths for her, when she wants out of the dress.