Suprise Trip ?'s

So, trying to plan a suprise trip to Orland for a group (6 adults) of friends. One of the days, we are going to hit up HWS and EPCOT. Is there any good / easy way for me to buy the park hopper tickets and make the park reservations without linking to their MDE accounts?

I have thought of making dummy accounts for all of them. Not sure of all the problems with this, but one draw back would be a genie+ experience, I would have to manage all of the selections, which honestly isn’t a huge deal.

Another issue could be ticket media. We all have MANY magic bands from previous trips, but we would have to stop and get cards for everyone when we entered the park, as those MBs wouldn’t work for the dummy accounts.

Anyone have a better idea? The park reservations really throw a wrench here. I could just chance not making the reservation and hope that there is still availability on the day of.

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Assuming I understand your question, you can add the tickets to your own MDE account and make park reservations, and then later assign the tickets to their individual accounts once you make the reveal.

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So the move to their account will keep the park reservation?

I believe the reservation will be tied to the ticket, so yes…but perhaps someone who has actually done it can confirm this point. I’ve assigned a ticket to someone else before…but I don’t recall what the deal was with the park reservation!

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Are you planning on buying everyone in your group a one day park hopper ticket? And will they already have other tickets for the rest of the trip?

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We are only doing a single day this time. So the only tickets they will have is this single day park hopper.