Superzoom Pictures

I know there is a superzoom picture opportunity at Cinderella Castle in MK and two in HS- one of Batuu and one of the Millennium Falcon. I can’t find any info about other opportunities. Are there any offered in Animal Kingdom or Epcot?

I swear I’ve seen zoom pics from AK Tree of Life. Not 100% positive though

See, I thought the same, but I can’t find any info on the Disney website. Maybe I just thought there should be a superzoom there.

In March 2021 we did one in AK. The entrance was near EE and the zoom shot was from across the water with Everest in the background.
Here’s a link to show where it was back then.

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Ooh! I hope they still have that. Everest is my kids’ favorite coaster.

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AK has a cool 360 photo op outside the exit of bugs Life.


In the MDE app if you click the second icon on the bottom to go to the map and then select the drop down from the top and choose PhotoPass, it shows you were all the photo opportunities are. You can also view them as a list, and in the filter options on the top left, the bottom category “Magic Shot” lets you filter for Super Zoom. Right now it’s showing three options: plaza garden in MK, millennium Falcon in HS, and Everest Riverside Theater in AK. If you click on them it will tell you the hours. We did the AK one last May, it’s a bit hidden away, but a super fun shot! This website lists an epcot option, but I don’t see it in the app, so maybe they don’t keep the app up to date. Super Zoom Magic Shot Locations at Disney World: How to Find Them All


I’ve never heard of superzoom but am intrigued.

When we were at WDW a few weeks ago, the Super Zoom locations were the ones @LittleHero1 linked to:

(There used to be a page listing the Super Zoom locations on the official WDW site, but the link is now broken.)

We did the Zooms at EP (near Spaceship Earth) and MK (the best!) and one of the two at HS, but the one near Everest at AK wasn’t operating because of technical problems.

The Super Zoom videos are great—well worth going out of your way for. The Magic Kingdom one, especially, brings me right back to the park whenever I play it. :magic_wand: :european_castle: :heart_eyes: