Super short trip advice

First off, HUGE thank you to this forum for all the help and info. Last December I visited WDW for the first time in a decade and took my boyfriend for his first EVER visit and it was as close to perfect as it gets. Crowds were reasonable, holidays in full swing, we got the FPP and ADR we wanted, lucked out with a king bed at ASM, etc. It was magical.

In February I’ll be visiting my BF who will be living in Fort Myers. He has a couple days off so we’re jetting up to Disney for 1 night. Plan is to fight the Princess half marathon crowds for a day at Epcot (to see Illuminations one last time!), stay at ASMu, spend the next day in either MK or HS and drive back that night.

It’s going to be a whirlwind, crowd levels are looking awful, and I’m worried after such a great trip last time it won’t compare. I’m going in with lower expectations about what we will have time to see and do but I don’t want my boyfriend to be disappointed after being so wowed last time. Any advice for super short trips?

I think having the right attitude is key for a short trip. You won’t be able to do everything so pick those few things that are absolute musts. Don’t try to cram too much into a short time. Short trips can be great–a week at Disney can be exhausting.


I agree with @Dreamer

Pick just two or three things you really want to do and focus on the trip being a success if those are accomplished. Everything else is icing. Manage your expectations and you’ll never walk away disappointed!


Agree with the above, although I’ve never done this at WDW.

When I lived in San Diego, I made many day trips to DLR, and that was the approach I took; I’d have half a dozen or so things I really wanted to do, and anything beyond that was a nice bonus. A lot of times simply taking in the atmosphere of the parks was enough to keep me happy…

At WDW, you can plan on 3 FPPs for each day, and if you RD the second day, you should be able to crank out 3 or 4 more pretty easily - especially if it’s an EMH day. Get you FPPs for the really popular attractions (e.g the 3 “mountains”), RD other “headliners”, and use the afternoon for attractions that don’t typically get have the longest lines. Also, if you get your advance FPPS for late morning early afternoon, there is always the chance for additional ones for later in the day. Bring your patience, and consider your time in line as a chance to spend time with your BF…


Do you have an annual pass? If not 2 days of tickets is expensive, you might consider not going to the parks, and using that money to stay at a delux or other treats like the void, hot air balloon, California Grill etc.

Thanks all! Glad to hear it won’t be a complete waste of time, we’ll try to keep expectations low.

No AP, but I’m mainly going to see Illuminations one last time. I’m a ride person and my boyfriend is a performer and an artist, so I’m hoping the Festival of the Arts will have some fun things.

Plus it’s the weekend of my 30th birthday, so I’m considering it a present to myself :grinning: