Sunshine displays on TP dashboard - updated forecast?

We are only a few days away from our vacation…Slowly the average weather symbol on my TP dashboard is changing one day at a time… the day shows a sun/cloud symbol and a lower temp rating of 84 degrees rather than the average 87 degrees it has been showing for month.

I’m assuming that it is now showing an actual updated forecast, but all the days are showing the exact same symbol! So is it an updated forecast, or perhaps a reminder that I had better check the forecast?

Same thing for us. It appears it’s supposed to be an actual forecast, but it doesn’t match any of the popular apps forecast. Not sure what service they use if it is an actual forecast.

Thanks! Yeah I was so pleased thinking it was only going to be 84 during our stay, but then I thought maybe I’d better check an actual weather forecast :frowning:Not anywhere near as pleasant a weather forecast.