Sunpass: is it cheaper

WIll be staying offsite and driving around orlando area and to Cocoa Beach. I see toll roads galore. I was considering grabbing quarters before I travel but wondering about mini-transponder. Good idea?

also, are tolls cheaper when you use transponder versus cash? In Texas, the government gives a small discount for using transponders versus going thru toll booth or license plate readers without transponders.

It has been a few years since I’ve used it, but we bought the $5 sticker Sunpass and I kept it loaded using their app.

You did get some discounts - was pretty easy, and the app allowed me to fund it just enough and not leave money on the table.

Also, there were some roads on our way further down in Florida that did not take any money at all! Had to have a transponder or they hit you by license plate camera (and I think add on a fee.) I am not sure how much that goes on across the state though, but I found it confusing. How are non-locals supposed to know what’s what?

recommend looking into EPass (Note - not EZPASS). Same capabilities, but sticker version is free - just load it with $ is the only cost. I’ve read the computer interface is much more user friendly as well. I’d much prefer a pass over having to wait in lines, but that might depend on whether you’re driving during a busy time.

Is EPass the same as SunPass?

They’re competing products that perform the same function and are equally accepted.

The costs, if using a rental, could soar!

I like the idea of getting EPass. But it appears you have to load with a minimum of $10, even if the sticker is free. This probably means it wouldn’t be worth it for me, even for the convenience. We only use the Toll roads coming from I-75 down into Orlando and then back. I think that’d cost us less than $10 for sure.

I also think I’d be worried that it wouldn’t properly work and, with my luck, I’d end up with a fine or something!

It is still confusing to me about EPass versus SunPass. There are “EPass only” and “SunPass Only” signs. Wouldn’t this mean that if you have EPass, but it says “SunPass Only” you are out of luck and have to pay in person anyhow? Not sure how you’d know ahead of time until you are there. (Which is fine…they are targeting these things for Florida residents, primarily, not from out-of-state tourists!)

I was considering epass since we will be driving around. @ryan1 how’d you find out about sunpass only vs epass only? the epass web said “works on all FL tolls”. sigh…

I just was referring to the signs. There are signs that say that. But you’re right that the websites for both SunPass and EPass seem to indicate they are interoperable. It is just confusing.

I guess the “only” part of that doesn’t really mean ONLY SUNPASS, but that this lane is ONLY for those using a payment system LIKE Sunpass.

I did read someone say that only Central Florida residents can get EPass, but anyone can get SunPass. I’m not sure if that is true or not.

Weird. Epass main landing page says “visitors”. The palm tree wants to make me buy it now. :slight_smile:
But seriously, leave in 29 days aah!!! FPP in 9 days. aaah X 2. So need to decide soon so that it arrives on time, etc.

I like the idea of auto-replenish when it hits a low threshold. Only concern is making sure money is not on the table when we head back home.


also just noticed, epass is hosted on central florida expressway authority. That is main domain.

E-PASS is issued by the Central Florida Expressway Authority and SunPass is issued by the state Department of Transportation – but they both work on state and local toll roads.

Well, jumping back, the post that said that was several years old. So perhaps that’s no longer the case.

I tried to use a website to calculate what toll costs would be, but it wasn’t very easy to use since it forces you to know the names of exits, etc. I just want to know what the tolls will be if I take I-75 down to Orlando and back! :slight_smile: Once I’m in Orlando, I won’t be on any toll roads.

I hear that. I tried a few times to figure out costs to go to cocoa beach. Visitors like us haven’t the foggiest notion which road is what and what exit. Pretty much impossible unless I street view google maps for 60 miles. Not going to do that. Seems like a helper say…WDW - CB or US to Miami or whatever to give some kind of an estimate.

As an FYI, that article link I posted above was from Orlando Sent. was published recently May 2019**. It contains a list of differences - very helpful.

** Unless someone in the future is reading this, this is the past reaching out to you and you are touching history. Lucky you.

We used SunPass (the sticker version on our windshield) when we were down in April and were staying off-site. We went many places while were there, used a lot of toll roads. If I were choosing again, I would get Sun Pass for the single reason that it makes going through the toll plazas so much quicker, even if there is a small amount of traffic, rolling right through without stopping in the pay lanes is worth the investment. Also, I believe there was a small discount per toll, but that was not a big issue to me. You usually reverse the savings by having money left over on your pre-pay account, so it’s probably a wash.

Well, I just used this:

Paying cash, it looks like it will be $4.25 each way, or $8.50. But EPass requires a minimum of $10. There is a discount on tolls with EPass/SunPass, but it wouldn’t matter because I have to pay more in the minimum.

Now, since I DO play to head to Florida TWICE in 2020, I suppose I could come out ahead slightly…but I’m not sure it is worth the effort.

I see that epass, sunpass too i think, has a low threshold amount for recharging it as well as how much to recharge. So I could put low amount at $2 and replenish at $5 or something. Worst case scenario would be $7 left over.

Easy enough to log into account before leaving FL and turn off auto-recharge. Then with @ryan1 estimate of say 4.25 - 5.00, that gives me an idea of how much to keep on the sun/e pass … Hey sunny pass :slight_smile:

Just as an FYI, the estimate of the same route using SunPass was $3.48 versus the $4.25. If that is useful at all.

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thanks @ryan1

when’s your trip this year?

Yeah, I think this matters more to people who plan to move around a bit while visiting Florida, not simply to/from WDW. We drive down and back when we go, and also use our vehicle quite a bit on our trips, so I have the SunPass sticker on my vehicle - and the pass still has money on it waiting for the next trip. :grinning: