Sundays + How to Leave DL

Hello to all -
Thanks, as always, for the past advice and for future advice! It is always greatly appreciated!!!
Finding myself with a last minute chance to hit DL, so I started checking out the crowd calendar. Two questions for the crew…

  1. Of the dates we will be in CA, the best on the calendar is a Sunday or a Wednesday (both predicted crowd level of 5). It is hard for me to buck what seems like common sense (don’t go to DL on a weekend!!!) over what I know from touring plans. So, am I crazy to go on a Sunday??? On a side note, Sunday works better in our schedule, and since we’re early birds, I like that the Sunday park will open an hour before the Wednesday park opens.
  2. I typically save ToonTown for last in the day, playing and exploring until we’re “done,” and then catch the TT railroad up and around the mess of people watching the parade (again, we’re early birds, so we’re usually done for the day late afternoon, during or right after the parade). Any suggestions on how to leave the park, now that the railroad is closed, or should we just calmly and patiently make our way out as best we can up Main Street?

Thanks so much! Super excited for a quick (and unexpected) trip!!!

Looking at the map and park guide, can we scoot from Toontown to Tomorrowland, get on the monorail, and exit the park out of Downtown Disney? Or is that a logistical nightmare during the parade?

It’ll be crowded. Fantasyland is closed during Parade/FW, so you’ll have to get out of Toontown before they rope off the area by IASW (leading to Tomorrowland) for Paint the Night. If you can accomplish that, your monorail idea will work. Good luck!

Any reassurances on going on a Sunday? I’ve always purposely traveled mid-week to escape the crowds, so this will be a new experience…

Sunday morning rope drops in DL are one of my favorite times to see the park. Sundays are a lazy day most places and it has held true in Disneyland for us at rope drop and at the end of the day. Depending on the type of weekend the midday and early afternoon will still get pretty busy, so it will be busier then than what a weekday usually is, but by evening it thins down a lot & is very enjoyable.

Thanks so much! We’re early risers, so I think we’ll give Sunday a shot

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