Sunday morning, no parks. What to do?

Our family of four with 7-year old twins will be making our first trip to visit Universal Orlando this January. We are spending two full days, Friday and Saturday, at IOA and USF. We are staying at the Portofino Bay Hotel.

My question: What to do on Sunday morning? Our flight doesn’t leave until 2pm that day. We will not have a car. We are not early risers by nature, so sleeping in, getting brunch in the hotel and making a pool morning of it would be a typical way we’d handle it. However, I’m assuming it’ll be too cold in Jan. to hit the pools. Are there any cool non-park stuff we should check out?

Love to hear others thoughts and advice. Or maybe just what you would do in such a situation? Thanks!

We drove to Orlando and went to Citiwalk for dinner and ate at Margaritaville. You could explore Citiwalk that evening.

We stayed at the Portafino - you will LOVE IT. This depends on the weather - however
1 - Hang out at the pool
2 - Have a long relaxed breakfast
3 - Take a boat ride to the other hotels and see what is going on there
4 - Go to the downtown area (boatride as well) and stroll around
5 - Have mimosas in the courtyard

Just enjoy and relax. Ask for a late checkout and just chill.

The hotel itself is beautiful and the service is very well done.

As an FYI - the hotel can offer you a car back to the airport. You can also book via the concierge (even if you aren’t staying that level) a car to and from the hotel - they do NOT allow UBER to pick up. We used the hotel’s car service and it was NOT expensive and was just the perfect way to take a relaxed ride to and from the resort

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We had extra time on our last day…got a late check out, had brunch, and then decided to go check out Cabana for fun. They have a pretty neat arcade and bowling alley that wasn’t too expensive.

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