Sunday Aug 10th honorary @Steve1 countdown thread  

Good morning Liners, I hope everyone has a restful Sunday. 48 days until I am enjoying my morning coffee in the happiest place on earth! What about you?

Good morning! 100 days until we ride ME for the very first time!!!


Good morning @justtimmy. 3 days until I head to Indy. Pa to Indy to PSU to home with stops in Columbus to visit BIL. Got a hotel reservation for next Sunday night at PSU last night. Will visit DS and head home. Working before I go, lots to do today. Hopefully next trip is WDW. Have a wonderful Sunday.

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Good morning! 53 days until we wake DS7 with a surprise birthday trip to WDW. As someone who is not great containing my Disney enthusiasm, this has been tough not to share with him. Have a great day!

Good morning good morning two countdowns 34 and 96. Today is the day I start serious soft packing hoping @LuvMuppets is smiling down on it


Heading to HS and EP today!


Sounds like a busy week for you @gabmom!


I love getting off the plane and leaving everything to Disney. I still get excited when driving through the gate to WDW!


I alway envy people who can keep a secret like that!

I'm sure @Luv will approve as long as you're working off of a MPL. smile

The importance of a good MPL cannot be stressed enough!


Good morning @Luv, when I first read @jec4289 post, I thought something might have happened that I hadn't heard about ( "hoping @LuvMuppets is smiling down on it" ).
I'm glad to hear that reports of your demise have been greatly exaggerated. smile

@JustTimmy -I was a little alarmed too. We are traveling with the Ungratefuls this week, so it is a demise of sorts...

Ahhhh, summers....

Sorry @LuvMuppets and @JustTimmy it never occurred to me that my post would be taken anyway other than @ luv would be pleased I was packing 5 weeks out. Of course I am using a MPL which I have been compiling for 5 months and as it is on iPad have coded with emoticons 🎉luv hope you get through you travels

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Good morning! 85!

Good morning, everyone! I'm single-digit dancing today!! 9!!!! Have a great day!!


Absolutely no apologies needed, in fact, thank you for the chuckle this morning @jec4289. smile

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Still playing with dates a bit but will be booking soon. Approximately 398 days!