Sun screen factor

Hi, coming from sunny England. Sun tan lotion is not overly something you have to worry about. My question is what factor sun tan lotion is need while going round all the Disney parks, I have heard they have good shade coverage. Help please :smiley:

I always look for at least a 39.

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I don’t worry too much about sunscreen at the World (we go in spring, though), but if I’m near water, I religiously apply and reapply sunscreen. We use the 60, but ‘they’ say that 30 is plenty. It’s not the number but how frequently you reapply.

Hey also from england so definitely not used to the florida heat!! It depends on your complexion, the rest of my family need at least factor 30 or they burn at Disney but I’m fine with factor 15. Definitely go higher than what you would use on any holiday to Europe, hope that helps :slight_smile:

I’m ginger, milk bottle white and freckly. I need factor 50 if we go to the Canaries, but use 30 at Disney, never reapply, and I’m fine. I don’t even go pink, let alone burn.

The only exception is the waterparks. There I slather myself in the highest factor I can find, and wear a T shirt if I get out of the water then get back in. I got so badly burnt the first time we went to Blizzard Beach, I was in agony for days.

For me and DS21 its factor 20 (we don’t burn so easy) and DH (fair/milk bottle!) and DS12 are factor 30+ we step up a gear at water parks where those white/never see the sun in UK bits get exposed!

One really nice thing that’s available now is the SPF 50 clothing. My girls are in swim camp and they wear SPF 50 rash guards and swim trunks and it really cuts down on the amount of sun screen needed (they are Irish/Scottish and milky white). You can look into that if you’re concerned!

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I do not burn easily here at home in NH but find the FL sun to be much more intense in both locations I use SPF 50 by am more diligent in reapplying often in FL.

We use at least SPF 30.However, my son is a red head and is milky white. His doctor insists that he use nothing lower than 50 SPF. He also wears a hat because his scalp tends to burn.

We went last July and he was fine with applying sunblock in the morning, and about every 2-3 hours that we were in the parks. We used the stick sunblock; it was small and easy to apply with little to no mess.

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Thank you all so much. I shall get buying some sun screen. :grin: