Summer Ticket Special Offer

I think they have offered this in the past: the 4-Park Magic Ticket
For $99/day plus tax you get one admission to each of the parks - 4 admissions total on 4 separate days.

This seems like it could be a substantial savings for some folks.

Edit: just priced out the most expensive dates for 4day ticket for these applicable dates and if my math is right it could be a savings of up to $240/pp. Nothing to sneeze at!

Valid for use June 1-Sept 29, subject to blockout dates from July 1-4 and Sept 1-4. All 4 days must be used within 7 days of first use or by Sept 29 whichever comes first.


If I was traveling a week earlier, and didn’t just buy an AP, I would totally got for that deal! That’s good money.

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There are also some FABULOUS deals for Florida residents, 3 days for $209 and 4 for $229, and you can add a discounted park hopper!


Link to the offer

They did that before, no park hopping but it’s a great deal overall for the general public.

Attendance numbers and ticket sales must be really sagging.

Most interesting thing, this deal does not require park reservations. Don’t have to wait till 2024 to get in without a reservation.


I am really hoping this is true and that they have holiday season deals that don’t exclude our travel dates after Thanksgiving, like what happened last year.

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Going in a little over a month. Hopefully it stays low.

Well I guess now I just watch for a good DVC rental deal over my birthday weekend to pop up. It’s a barren wasteland right now, though.

Or perhaps I combo my HHN long weekend, and do Disney during the day and HHN at night.

Disney World Announces Massive Ticket Price Decrease, Will Rival Six Flags (

Question: if I bought 3 day tickets through undercover tourist. Anyone know if I can convert them towards a four park magic ticket by calling Disney direct when they are released?

Maaaan I prefer hopping but this is a fantastic deal. Sadly we aren’t going this summer anyway.

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I was able to upgrade my 3-day park ticket to 4 park magic by calling Disney. 1st time I called they said it wasn’t possible bc I purchased through UT but second time I called got a different agent that was able to help me switch no issues!