Hi Guys...trying out this new forum! All of you summer you generally just bring your ponchos for afternoon/night touring? We plan on doing am RD then afternoon breaks..wondering if I should lug the ponchos in the AM too?

The rain is definitely more common in the early to mid afternoon about 2ish, but there's always a chance to rain other times. I would hate to be caught without them...

I always bring the ponchos and when I forget it will rain, guaranteed.

In June we got rain as early as 11am some days. Do you have a decent pack? Granted it's just two of us so not a ton extra to carry, but so nice to have

We always have it into our bag. Like @ThatDisneyGuy_outer1 says, it's more common in the early to mid afternoon, but we got rain in the late morning or after supper. You just don't wanna get wet because you didn't brought your poncho. There is still the option to buy poncho in the park if it rain and you don't have any, but that will cost a lot!

Thanks, you are all right. We have a party of 10 but will tell each person to carry their own poncho. I bought the ones from the disneystore so they are very light weight! Just got them yesterday

Bring your ponchos. They take a small space in your backpack. The ponchos that WDW sells are a good quality but expensive.

Now I have a general question. Do you use the ponchos at home?

I always bring my ponchos so it won't rain. If I leave them in my hotel room or car, it will invariably rain. And no @pikapika, I don't use mine at home!

I thought you could buy a Disney poncho online at the Disney store, but can't find them. How much do they cost in the park?

I'm not sure how much they cost in park but keep checking the website. They were out of stock and then was able to get them last week. They are $5 if you buy 2 or more

Remember if you have disney ponchos they will exchange them for free if they are ripped, happend 2 times with my ds, thinking it was possibly from sitting in the stroller.

Related to this topic - I am looking for a good iPhone app that will show me weather radar. Any suggestions? In general, I bring the ponchos every day, but sometimes like to tour with no bag at all, so looking at the radar would help me feel more comfortable knowing the deal. Also, wearing a baseball cap along with the poncho is great, especially if said poncho is on the small side.

@Iheartepcot, Strictly for radar I use an app called "my radar"

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