Summer Offers

Has this been posted yet?

Offers from May 28th to August 21st. Now I can’t open the link because it automatically redirects me to the U.K. site. But WDWMagic has more specific details:

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I know I just got some WDW news on my finance site. Says Disney is going to offer a summer free meal plan option or a 25% off room. The free meal plan appears to be for Value and Moderate resorts but only the quick service plan. They are doing this because of the opening of Galaxy’s Edge in the fall so they are afraid people will wait to travel until then. Trying to even out attendance for the summer.

Interesting… I wonder if they’ve seen people cancel and move their summer trips…

Also there is a proper free dining offer for Aug 1st to 21st only for Disney VISA card holders.

You’ll need to move fast on that though.

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Do you have a link for that? I can’t find one.

It was the TA board sponsor over on WDWMagic who posted it in a thread about the Summer Offers.

Not sure if I can really mention them directly here, although they are mentioned in the link I posted above about the Summer Offers.

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Thanks. I read about this earlier today too but I can’t seem to find it on Disney’s website!

I think they had free summer dining already. It was done early this year for the summer

Thanks for posting this, was just able to add free dining to our existing August reservation! We have Disney Visa, and when you call - expect it to take at least 30-40 minutes with Disney cast members. Very busy this morning!

I was reading fine print, and it said it can’t combine offers. That means that if booked using the “fun and sun” offer they won’t tack on any of these, right? Don’t want to waste my time on the phone for nothing.

No, you can’t combine offers. It’s one or the other.

No combination of offers so you have figure out which discount gives the bigger savings. You can call and Disney will run the numbers to give you the answer of which discount gives you more.

It (obviously) depends on what level of resort you are staying at, the makeup of your party, and which dining plan you are interested in.

We had had the Sun and Fun discount already on our reservation but the Dining Plan discount was bigger for our party. So it was a wonderful surprise to find out we were able to get a better deal :money_mouth_face:

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