Summer discount frustration

I called right after seeing the email about 25% off for our resort and time of travel. So like by 9am. The CM said they were already gone. And the kid free dining too. Seriously? I’m just annoyed. Is it the hotel we’re at? It’s Beach Club.

Did you look online for your dates and see what is available?

Have you tried going through a TA? Granted they, basically, have the same access as you & I, but every once in a while they surprise you with something CMs say is sold out

There’s nothing available unless we switch to AKL which I don’t really want to do.

I haven’t gone through a TA. I’m already booked through Disney. I guess I should’ve!

You can still reach out to a TA to see what they can do. If they have your deal - cancel existing and replace.

When you contact a TA you are only asking for a quote - no obligation. GL!

Sometimes other resorts might open up but just because a resort is included in a discount it does not mean there is a discount available for your dates. Often you have to decide if you want to move to an available resort to get that discount or stay and hope one opens up.

Thanks. Last year I called and got a discount when they came out, no issues, so I guess I thought it was more of a given. I’ll keep my eye on everything!

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Try again. I’ve tried in the past at least 4 times to get the military room only discount. People cancel all the time, just like with ADRs and FPP.


We have the EXACT same access as guests

That’s not because we have different access, it’s because room booking is INCREDIBLY dynamic and changes often - especially around discount releases - as people change their plans.


That’s EXACTLY what I meant, in both cases, but I guess didn’t clarify enough… or I’m just being a big sensitive baby about it. :wink:

When the discounts dropped for our last trip I got myself into a big frenzy and reserved ALL the rooms. Over the next couple of weeks I figured out my plans and dropped a number of discounted room reservations. Keep looking. Hope is not gone until the booking window closes :slight_smile:

PS - Yes, I’m a hoarder. It is due in part to my indecisiveness (AKA FOMO), and mostly (I like to think) due to Disney asking us to make decisions before they have released all the necessary information to be fully informed.


Sensitive baby!

Basically implied to me something other than exactly LOL

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Wait up here!

@OBNurseNH, you’re a TA? I thought you looked after moms and babies? When did this all happen?

I realise I’m probably the only person not to know this. Tell me to buzz off if I’m being too nosey btw.

For me it is that Disney doesn’t tell us enough.
Nice to see you!!!

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I was an OB nurse until last year. I left my job to become a Clinical Leader at a Family Practice. I’ve done TA work on the side for 2 years now :upside_down_face:


And she’s a damn fine one!! Five thumbs up!!!


I get frustrated because you can’t apply a discount to your existing room reservation without there being an open room elsewhere in the hotel in your room category before Disney will let you take the discount. I mean, I get it Disney, if the hotel is already booked for my room category and you already have me agreeing to pay full price why would you want me apply a discount to get my room cheaper. Wilderness Lodge has very low availability in early May because of cheerleading (or so I was told), and no availability at all for standard or nature (I booked nature), so I am forced to stalk the change reservation screen until someone gives up their room and I can apply a discount… if only there was a way to pretend to cancel to see if my room became discounted once it entered the open market, then immediately book it.

You got lucky last year. From my experience, the discounted rooms at the monorail and epcot resorts are few and far between the past few years. I have not been able to switch to a discounted room at the monorail resort I had already booked for my most recent 4 trips.