Summer - crazy?

New Englander here and considering a trip starting around July 30th until August 7th of this year. Long time Disney visitor, but never in the summer, usually in last April.

Like all people very concerned over heat but it can be very humid and hot in New England that time of year too.

Are we crazy? We can stay cheap off site at one of our timeshare exchanges but with adult children, ages 17/19/22 being on property makes most sense, they can come and go.

Thoughts? Is summer just a bad idea?


We have been twice in the summer and loved it. We take mid-day breaks to avoid the worst of the heat and crowds. We find with a good touring plan you are almost never just standing out baking in the sun and heat. You walk from place to place but once there you are covered or in AC or something that helps a ton. I hear lots of complaints and I get why, but it has never come close to stopping us from having a blast at WDW.

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Also New Englander - I can safely say it will seem even hotter in Florida than it does in New England. But we always go at the end of the school year (late June) and Labor Day weekend. The heat is bad, but we usually get to a park early, do an indoor table service lunch, a few Fast Passes afterwards and back to the resort by around 2:00 to make use of the pool. Sometime we had back to the parks in the evening, sometimes we just relax. We’ve found it tolerable and as I said, usually head back during the summer year after year.

I have found that most of the summer is similar to some very hot/humid days in MA. Luckily it can rain every day in late August/early September. If it is not raining then the sun is so strong after about 10 am that you cannot stand in the sun. The only place this impacted me was trying to eat at Food and Wine.

We are also New Englanders from MA that used to only go in late April. We have now gone during the summer months - both July and August. It is very hot/humid but we always take a midday break back at the resort and pools, or plan a TS meal (in a/c) during hottest time of day. One of the things I’d strongly suggest is camelbak type hydration systems. We got those for our kids and they go through at least 2 gallons of water per day - easy and accessible when they are carrying it around with them. We use flavor packs (like Crystal light) to flavor the water in fountains when we refill the camelbaks. (stay away from dark colored flavors like pomegranate - they will stain the liner). Hope this helps!

I don’t think it’s crazy to go in the summer. We have gone multiple times in the summer and, of course, it’s insanely hot. But I think if you have a plan to take a break in the afternoon or do indoor attractions during the heat, stay hydrated and are realistic in your plans, then it s completely doable.

We always go in summer, it doesn’t bother us at all. Hot for the UK is mid 70s but it does get quite humid.

I remember some hot, humid weather growing up in CT, but I don’t remember it being nearly as bad as FL summers. I live up in the FL panhandle so I’m “acclimated” - but you’d have to offer me a free trip with a lot of extra spending money to get me to go the WDW June-September. But I’m pushing 60 and just can’t handle the heat the way I could 30 years ago…

Pros to going in summer are that the parks don’t close crazy early and also I read that in the past couple years the summer months are not as busy as they used to be; October and January and other months that used to see lower crowds have steadily seen increases in crowd levels. Plus you are all adults and know when to take a break. I don’t know that I would want to endure that heat and humidity with young kids. I say GO FOR IT

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We used to only be able to go in summer. Hot? Yes. Humid? Like you can’t believe. Manageable ? Absolutely.

  1. Manage expectations (always the first rule anyway). You may find it’s too hot to do everything you want. Expect that.

  2. Plan plan plan. Start early, get out of the sun and heat in the middle of the day, and take advantage of somewhat less hot evening hours. Plan a TS as a break from the heat. Enjoy your resort pool. Take a nap.

  3. Have fun.


Our honeymoon trip was the second week of August. It was incredibly warm and humid, but still manageable. Just plan a nice sit down break or two in the afternoon (show, sit down meal, etc). We loved the parks being open late every evening though. Plus water rides are much more fun in the heat!

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We’re from NY, were in WDW exactly that week last year. The crowds were very manageable, even with the CL jumping up to 8 on a couple of MK days. (We found that Friday crowds at MK were the most surprising - we still did well by using FPPs and keeping the plan open that afternoon.)

Heat was pretty strong, but the only thing I found difficult about it was keeping hydrated - we drank a LOT of free ice water, but never seemed to be enough!

I wouldn’t think twice about going again that time of year, and on site is my pick for the reason you say.

I felt the same last year. We were always fall and winter visitors. We are in PA, and my brother’s family was going in June last year and we wanted to go at the same time. I was really worried about the heat. It was hot and there was rain, but it we did great. We did rope drop most mornings and took breaks every afternoon. Went back to the parks most nights. There was only one night that rained all night.

We took cooling towels and my kids had little fans. Lots of water. Different places throughout all the parks had water stations.

This year we are going August 15-28, so obviously the heat didn’t bother us that much.

We went on our first DW trip in May but our last 3 trips have been towards the end of August. It does get hot but if you tour in the morning and relax in the afternoons it is totally manageable. We live in a part of Canada where our summer weather is less often hit and more likely miss so I appreciate the sunshine and hot temps. Only thing is the mid afternoon thundershowers but they normally don’t last too long.

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I am from Pennsylvania and most of my trips are Summer. By mid summer I am used to humidity although it is warmer in Florida. Take breaks before daily 15 minute rains start. Go back out in evening. Also look at Tiki birds, Country Bears and similar attractions as A/C spots.

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