Summer AP Discounts

Was able to keep my same reservation at WL for July trip and AP discounts that came out this morning saved me over $350. So excited that they were much better than general RO discounts. It might be worth it for some of you that have regular tickets to switch to AP for summer discounts. The best deals that I see are at YC and AKL. Both of those are showing over $150 off per night with the new AP discounts for summer. Just thought some people may like to know.


How did you purchase the AP, through Disney directly or use some route through discounters? I’m interested in purchasing as well!

The only place that I know that offers AP discounts are local travel clubs around the Orlando area, and those require a membership. So I purchase directly from Disney. The benefit is that I can use gift cards to pay for it that I buy discounted through different places.

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If you don’t mind me asking, how much is it per night/what is the % off with the AP discount?

It depends on the resort. So I can tell you a few that I looked up that I looked up:
WL is around $260/night standard view
YC is around $290/night standard
AKL is around $230/night standard
POR is around $170/night standard

The biggest discounts over rack rate that I see are AKL and YC.