Summer 2020 plans - help!

Hey all,

We’re thinking of making a visit to California in late August 2020 (we live in England) and haivng two nights at Disney. We’ve been twice before and stayed at Paradise Pier, which was fine. My questions:

A) Is there a best time of year to book, in terms of getting a good value deal?

B) Which hotel offers best quality vs value

C) Does anyone know when the new Spiderman and Marvel stuff will be open by? We’d really like to experience it.


A) Typically Disney releases their deals about 3 months before, one season at a time. You should book as soon as you know when you’re going though if your reservation is cancelable; that way you can guarantee your reservation but get a better deal later if it comes along. I understand they will apply discounts later if you call them after seeing a deal. I highly recommend you scour this MouseSavers page about resort hotel discounts:

B) Are you referring to the Disney hotels or good neighbor hotels? Grand Californian is far and away the best quality, and most convenient to the parks. You can try renting a unit at the DVC there and get a bit of a discount over rack rates. Paradise Pier is the best value. Disneyland Hotel is nicer than PP but a bit further away. Still an excellent option. You can get better rates across the street on Harbor Blvd at the good neighbor hotels.

C) I have not seen a specific date released for Marvel opening other than “2020.” They have a big incentive to have it ready for summer crowds, so there is a chance it will be open by August. I’m skeptical though - I wouldn’t count on it.


This is awesome. Thanks for the help, much appreciated!

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