Summary of other people’s experience of pre rope drop ADR’s

Summary of other people’s experience of pre rope drop ADR’s.

They are great if:
• Money is no issue.
• It’s a must do and breakfast is the cheapest meal.
• You’re happy not to linger and want a head start on the Park.

Not so great if:
• Money tight.
• You’re on the DDP (exception BOG) and lunch or dinner is better value.
• You like a longer more relaxed meal.
Everyone thinks MK is the best place to see when empty, views on the other parks vary.

BOG – Nearly all think a pre rope drop ADR here is brilliant, because it’s in the MK and the lack of characters and the ability to pre order means you really can be at the front of the queue. It’s good value on the DDP as it’s only a counter service credit. People also regularly report being able to get in before their ADR time, when you arrive and preordering are more important.

Hollywood & Vine – Loved by those wanting to sign up for Jedi training beforehand, but it’s not guaranteed and might not always be possible, especially when crowds are expected to be low.

Some restaurants are very close to certain rides. Akershus for Frozen ever After, Tuskers for Safari, Garden Grill for Soarin. This is only an advantage if you get out the restaurant before the crowds arrive. Most people who have an 8am ADR at Tuskers & Garden Grill finish with the characters fast enough, however parents have a much harder time getting their little princesses out of Akershus.

Park times change, especially at the MK. If Crystal Palace, Cinderella’s Royal Table or BOG are on your must do list and you’d be very annoyed to miss the best hour of touring, then you must check historical data beforehand. For example the Disney schedule at six months out will show MK opening at 9am for five or six days of the week during the last two weeks of December. However last year the MK opened before 9am everyday bar one.


Thank you for the great summary!!