Summarize This Topic Button

I just today realized there is “Summarize This Topic” button on the Forum. It’s located at the end of a lead post, underneath Frequent Posters and Popular Links.

This may be useful for those Liners who are trying to play catch up on the Forum’s most informative posts (The Genie Thread, BG1, and LL Daily Drops). These threads have 2.8K, 1.1K and 2.0K responses respectively.

Hit the Summarize This Topic button and the responses are reduced to 100. I’m not certain how it determines which 100 (maybe the most hearted posts?). Someone else may have some insight on this.

I know some wonderful Liners are continually updating the lead posts on these topics (The Genie Thread - @Jeff_AZ, BG1 - @PrincipalTinker and LL Daily Drops - @mikejs78 —— thanks!!!), but if you want a little more detail/background without reading through thousands of responses, this may be the way to do it.

Decide you want to read them all, hit the “Show All Posts” button located in the same spot.


I noticed this button some time ago myself and gave it a click once but

so it didn’t seem to make any sense at all. Maybe if we were good Liners instead of constantly derailing it might work better :laughing:


Totally this.

Or start new threads when breaking info comes out.


This button seems to fly in the face of [socialized] Terms of Use. :thinking:

I tried it on a daily thread once when I was super behind and it was a complete waste of time. I spent ages trying to work out what was going on, then had to give up and go back to the start of the un-summarised thread.
I realise that the daily thread probably isn’t the kind of thread that software is designed for :woman_shrugging:t4:


I scanned the summary for the LL Daily Drops thread. It seemed to do a reasonably good job. Of course, not much changes on that thread until it does (then, the responses go crazy for a while).

I imagine on a constantly fast moving post, this feature would be useless.


But it does away with the whole stream of consciousness thing (OK, derailment) that works so well here.


I’m going to put into the suggestion box that, in the future, if you hit Summarize This Topic, @OBNurseNH will read the whole thread and send you a Daily Scupper for it. This is the only summation I will accept going forward.



I’ll have to quit my day job…


I’m not seeing a problem. At least, for us.

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Honestly if we can figure out the income piece of it, I don’t see a problem either. I’m trying to figure a way out of my current work and into something I enjoy more anyway.