Sum of all Thrills CLOSED?

New to this site, Disney, and planning.

I had made a touring plan for our date at Epcot… when I made the plan a couple weeks ago, all was well.

Today, I logged in and discovered an alert, telling me “optimization” couldn’t be rendered on account that Sum of All Thrills will be permanently closed by the time of our arrival.

I checked the Disney site itself, and it is still giving times of operation for our date. I also can find no official announcement of its closing using search engines within Disney World site or the whole wide web.

Anyone have any solid inside info? Should I reconfigure our tour plan to not include this attraction?

thank you all in advance!

I read from a reputable source a few days ago that this would be closing on September 14th. I think it was also mentioned on a tourplans blog post. We are pretty bummed out as we were looking forward to riding it for our trip starting on September 24th.

I am pretty frustrated with all of the closings during our trip! I think we will take a vacation from Disney World until they finish the majority of their new construction after our September trip.

Hereis a story about it.

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thank you!

Losing Sum of All Thrills is very sad - always a stealth favorite as it had a nice design aspect plus was a cool ride. Felt like a headliner but without the wait. Keep hoping a new sponsor would step up to replace Raytheon on this one to save it, but it doesn’t sound likely at this point…


My kids just discovered it this year and went on it a couple of times. It was one of their favourites, right up there with Test Track.

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Boo, I’m heartbroken. Innoventions is a huge part of what makes Epcot so special… our nerdy kids love all the interactive education, and I love, LOVE Sum Of All Thrills. My favourite ride, bar none, ANYWHERE on property.
Sad. :frowning:

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DQ has a similar simulator that my kids love.

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I suppose for us, the upside is, we have no idea what we are missing having never been.

They should close DQ and move some of the simulators into Innoventions. Closing SOAT is a shame.

Well, I’m glad someone addressed this. I am looking at the map and trying to fit it into my plans, yet couldn’t find it. Now I now why. — Is there an updated map somewhere?

You can download the official one from the Disney site at

THANK YOU!!! I don’t know why, but I couldn’t find updated ones.