Suite versus hotel quality

Making the official trip reservation and deposit tomorrow. Only one choice I have to make now. Will be one of two options. 12 night stay, three teens plus myself (I’m single, so just the one adult). Here’s what I’m flipping a coin on:

A) Family suite at AS Music. Value hotel, lower on amenities, but we’ll also barely be at the hotel, and the suite would allow more space and privacy for people changing clothes

B) Port Orleans FQ. Significantly better reviews and superior quality, but giving away all the advantages the suite offers.

Both if these are similar in cost, and I won’t be able to go any higher on that number. Has anyone stayed at both and would have a strong opinion either way?

I’ve stayed at neither, but having traveled with teens several times, I would vote suite (more space) anytime.

POFQ is better but Music is bigger. Do a split stay.

I love POFQ but in your situation I’d take the space of a suite.

Two bathrooms in the suite with three teens?

If you are spending most of the time in the parks, I’d go for the suite. All you need is a comfy bed, a shower and a pool. 12 nights is a long stay and I know I’d be happier with more room, not to mention 2 bathrooms!!!

Tough one. This has always been my though - better hotel / better amenities / fewer people - even if the room is smaller. I think it depends specifically on your party and how well they get along. We are a family of 4 and can handle a hotel room together for a week. We are however VERY tidy for the most part so things get put away so the room at least “feels” bigger.

I have ALWAYS thought that the resort is more than the room. Are you going to enjoy the pool, the food, do you like walking the grounds. To me the resort is where we come back to recharge - so whatever gives you that sense of recharge is what I would go with.